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Suffering From Loss Of Appetite, Here Are Few Home Remedies For It

By: Pinki Thu, 02 July 2020 6:56 PM

Suffering From Loss of Appetite, Here are Few Home Remedies For It

Throwing unfinished food makes you feel guilty and also leads to wastage of food. Sometimes finishing even a bowl of food of your favorite dish becomes difficult for you. This happens because of loss of appetite. There are many home remedies for loss of appetite, which can help you regain your hunger and the desire to eat again. It’s time to take action before this condition leads to acute weight loss and nutritional deficiencies.

* Ginger

Ginger is one of the best natural remedies for loss of appetite. It contains many compounds that aid in better digestion and stimulate your appetite at the same time. The refreshing smell of a ginger piece can treat nausea and refresh your senses.

- Use it in the form of Ginger tea by boiling an inch piece in water
- Eat it in the form a Ginger candy
- Mix ginger powder with honey and lick it slowly.

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* Carom Seeds

Carom seeds or Ajwain is one of the traditionally used home remedies to treat appetite loss in children. It treats abdominal disorders like poor digestion, nausea, stomach pain etc. to help you regain your hunger. Experts recommend roasting ajwain seeds to maximize the health benefits and also increase the flavour.

- Boil roasted ajwain seeds in water and drink the strained liquid
- Make a powder of Ajwain seeds and mix it with salt. - Have it 5 minutes before your mealtime to increase hunger
- Take 1 tbsp cumin seeds and 1 tbsp carom seeds.
- Crush them coarsely between your palms and chew the mixture. Slowly swallow the juices to experience better benefits.

* Garlic

The best way to start eating well is to either include garlic in the dishes you prepare each day or else take some garlic juice. Garlic aids in better digestion and its odor can increase the desire for eating. It can also treat a number of gastrointestinal problems to make you feel better and is one of the best natural remedies for appetite increase.

- Add finely diced garlic in your salads
- Fry garlic in tempering and add it to your dals, curries to make them more interesting.

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* Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry also known as Amla is one of the best home remedies to increase appetite. It detoxifies the liver and regulates the functions of the digestive system to help you achieve the goals. When taken with honey, it also cures issues of nausea and vomiting.

- Mix 1tbsp Amla juice with honey in water and consume it everyday.
- Use it in the form of Amla Pickle
- Try chewing on salted Amla or Amla candy to get instant relief from nausea and hunger loss.

* Black Pepper

Looking for some natural remedies to increase appetite? Try Black Pepper. Along with treating all kinds of gastrointestinal problems, black pepper also helps in the improvement of appetite by stimulating the taste buds and enhancing stomach acids to aids digestion.

- 1 tbsp of jaggery powder with ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder can be taken once daily
- Sprinkle some black pepper on your salads for enhancing flavour and taste.

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