Tips To Stop Feeling Sleepy At Office

By: Pinki Fri, 20 Apr 2018 09:58 AM

Tips To Stop Feeling Sleepy at Office

Lack of sleep is a common reason for feeling sleepy at the workplace. It is especially true in the white-collar world of modern times where more emphasis is upon achieving target and meeting deadlines. Such stressful situations in day-to-day life leads to sleepless nights eventually making a person feel sleepy during the working hours. If you are used to having such sleepy sessions at your workplace do not be surprised as a survey says lakhs of people doze off during their working hours thereby upsetting their level of productivity.

* Try to sleep Early and Get Enough Sleep

Medical science says on an average an adult needs seven to eight hours sleep. So make sure that you sleep early and get that ideal amount of sleep every night.

* High Protein, Low Carbohydrate Diet

Your diet influences your sleep largely. Eating a healthy combination of high-protein foods and carbohydrates for lunch keeps you energized all through the day and ensures sound sleep at night. Including carbohydrates in excess amount can cause disruption in sleep just as caffeine and sugar.

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* Use The First Half to Complete Tedious Task

Complete the most complicated part of the work the first time in the morning. Since a tedious task is always boring, you may tend to feel sleepy if you try to do it in the afternoon hours. Instead, shift your creative meetings and sessions after the lunch when your energy levels are soaring high.

* Exercise Regularly

Walking or jogging for a few kilometers is recommended so that your metabolic activity and blood circulation work at top speed. You can choose your form of exercise and timing that suits your schedule such as yoga, dance aerobic, biking, etc. However, make sure that there is a gap of two hours between your workout timing and bedtime as intense exercise can make you feel more active for a couple of hours and keep you awake. Studies show that people who exercise regularly have lesser sleeping problems.

* Keep On Munching all the Day

Instead of eating one big meal, make sure that you divide your meal in portions and keep on munching on healthy snacks all through the day. Eating too much at a time slows down your metabolism making you feel sleepy. Instead, if you keep on eating in smaller portions, you will feel active and energetic all through the day with the regular supply of nutrition.

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