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5 Most Beautiful Flowers Around The World

By: Pinki Sat, 25 May 2019 12:08 PM

5 Most Beautiful Flowers Around The World

Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature. They add beauty and freshness in our lives. Sitting under the tree in a park during the day and watching the bees sucking the nectar from the freshly blossomed flowers, is a real bliss. The pleasant fragrance of the flowers bring peace and calmness in our minds and makes us stress-free. Flowers are used to gracing various occasions like weddings, birthdays, religious functions, graduation ceremonies, funerals, etc. During ancient times they were used to deliver secret messages to one another as each flower had a different meaning. This tradition is alive even today. Flowers are the best way to bring a smile on someone’s face or to mend the ages-old broken relation. They symbolize happiness and spread positivism all around. Though every flower is alluring in its way, there are some of them which I find extremely beautiful, and they are as under-

* Rose Flowers

Here comes the most beautiful flower in the world. They are considered as the most popular, loved and highly planted flowers all around. They have a lot of fragrance. Rose flowers come in variety of color like Pink, Red, White, Yellow, Orange, etc. There are around 2830 species of Roses in the world. They originally native of North America but are also found in various parts of Asia. They have woody, thorny stems and known as a perennial plant and comes under the category of ornamental plants. Every Rose flower has five petals and five sepals except for Rosa Sericea which has only four leaves. Roses are also used as a decorative item and as a piece of jewelry. Every color of Rose holds a unique significance such as the Yellow Rose is for friendship; Red roses show love and White Rose symbolizes peace. These pleasant smelling and attractive looking flowers are being cultivated all over the world since 500 b.c.

* Orchids

The 2nd most beautiful flower in the world are the orchids. They are one of the unique and largely cultivated herbs in the world. They can grow in every type of environment except for the extreme hot and cold climate. They have a wide variety of species accounting to about 28,000 in number. The uniqueness of the flower along with attractive colors like Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple attracts the birds and the insects contributing to the pollination. Orchids leaves are perennial, thick, dry and leathery. These flowers are a symbol of love and purity and have geometrically shaped petals. Some of the Orchids also can develop the shape of birds and animals like the Bees attracting the opposite gender. Their blooming period lasts up to 6 weeks. They are a native flower of the United States and Canada. Vanilla gets extracted from one of the spacious of Orchid flower known as Vanilla planifolia. It used in the making of various perfumes, spices, and traditional medicines.

most beautiful flowers,flowers around the world

* Tulips

The next favorite flower is Tulip flowers. Tulip flower means “Perfect Love “. Different color of tulips carry their own significance. They have got their name from the Turkish language in which Turkey means Turban and the flower significantly symbolizes the Turkish hat. It belongs to the Liliaceae family and has originated from the Netherlands. Iran was the first country to start the official cultivation of this flower. Tulips bloom during springs and have a short blooming time spent of about 5 to 7 days. The Flower contains 2 to 6 leaves that are of the shape of spiral and stay together with the help of wax. The generally grow up to 4 inches above the ground. Being a symbol, of love and passion, they are available in various colors like pink, orange, white, purple, black, red except blue. They are among the highly cultivated flowers having 3000 varieties and 150 different species. They are distributed widely across the world from Europe to Asia.

* Lotus

Lotus is the prettiest aquatic flower which grows in the muddy and dusty ponds but has a beautiful and colorful appearance. The Pink Lotus is the National flower of India and is the symbol of purity, majesty, grace, wealth and knowledge. This flower does not grow in the colder area but needs full sunlight. It has long stems, round leaves, and petals covering the flower from all the sides. It is also used as herbal medicine in various parts of Asia. It holds great importance in various traditional festivals of Hindus and Buddhist. They are generally 20 cm long and popularly known as Egyptian Water Lilies or the Tiger Lotus. Lotus along with being beautiful has a pleasant fragrance. It opens its petals .in the morning and closes in the night.

* Gazania

Gazania, known as African daisy or treasure flower is a native flower of South Africa. This flower got his name from the Greece Italian Scholar named Theodore of Gaza. It belongs to the Daisy family. It is 6 to 10 inches tall in length and 10 inches wide. They have a brighter colorful appearance with long silver-green leaves. The flower needs full exposure to light and grows well in sandy and dry soil. When the sunlight is dim in the evenings and night time, this flower shed down its leaves. The ideal blooming period of this flower is between late spring and early summer. Gazanias are available in pretty colors like Red, Orange, White, Pink, and Yellow.

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