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5 Places You Must Visit With Your Girl Gang

By: Pinki Fri, 29 May 2020 1:51 PM

5 Places You Must Visit With Your Girl Gang

Travel stories somehow become more interesting when you have someone to witness it and share as well. And who else would be better than your girlies to plan a memorable vacation with? They are the ones who understand you at your worst, take care of you when you stumble and are always ready to pack bags whenever you say vacation. We all go through the difficulty of saving some time for friends with life running like Usain Bolt, but sneaking in a few days doesn’t harm anyone right? This blog here brings to you 5 such destinations which you have to visit with your girlfriends. Best thing about this travel guide is that it covers only those destinations that are somehow safe for women travellers with a lot of things to do and attractions to see described along.

* Alleppey

It didn’t take me a lot of time to decide that Kerala will be on top of this list but the question that followed it, was hard. The whole land is so filled with miracles that choosing one out of them seems like a job but then, Alleppey came to my mind. This tourist destination which is rightfully called the Venice of the East, is the tourist spot to be with your group when your list of checkboxes have nature, relaxation, safe environment as options. Not only Alleppey gives women the right kind of space to explore its land but also the same amount of time for self-exploration. Set out on a houseboat here and let the fresh air play with your hair, the coconut laced seafood delight your taste buds and the hard to digest beauty of Alleppey take you by awe.

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* Coorg

Coorg to be true, won’t really surprise you, rather it would soothe your senses with every passing moment. While you sing with your girl gang and cross the lush forests, the hill station on the other hand sprinkles in the air the aroma of its fine coffee plantation. And that’s not even close to what Coorg is all about. Take an afternoon sightseeing tour to the Abbey Waterfall, Chelavara Waterfall, and Iruppu Waterfall and sit close to listen to the musical symphony of rushing water. As the sunlight starts playing hide and seek, your group can make its way to other tourist attractions like Omkareshwara Temple, Dubare, Bylakuppe and Raja’s Seat. Feel like taking an adventure? Trek to Kumara Parvatha, which is one great choice when you’re close to Coorg, and so is the trek to the second highest mountain of Karnataka, Tadiandamol.

* Gangtok

For the love of mountains, a trip to the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok seems like a plan for your group. Surrounded by the picturesque mountains, Gangtok is a loved tourist destination. Humble people, cleanliness, dresses, food and the music are some aspects that makes touring around Gangtok quite memorable. Along with trying a cable car ride to see everything turn so small; gearing up for a mountain biking and trekking experience at routes like Gangtok to Temi, Gangtok to Melli, Gangtok to Rangpo; river rafting in Teesta; paragliding and naming the sky; filling in a certain sort of peace via the monasteries, there is an endless ocean of things to do in Gangtok which will make you visit here.

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* Havelock Island

If you and your girlfriends are a beach bum and you know it, then Havelock Island can be your pick for your group vacation. Being the largest island of the cluster of islands in Andaman, Havelock like an elder sibling has taken all the best beaches in its realms like Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Vijaynagar Beach and Kalapathar Beach. The best thing about this island is that it is still a little offbeat and hence your girlies can have a spot for yourself to enjoy water sports, relax or relish the sea food.

* Kasol

Kasol is like a poem written so beautifully that Himachal Pradesh is often seen bragging about it. And why wouldn’t it? The hamlet is the perfect retreat for those who love the lullaby of mother nature or the ones who look for excuses for an adventure. The alpine and coniferous trees keep on adding grace and accompany trekkers to and fro the base point and endpoint of Kheerganga, Tosh valley and Malana village to name a few. The land abounds in breathtaking views and mouth-watering delicacies.

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