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5 Places You Should Not Miss Out In Haryana

By: Pinki Wed, 31 Oct 2018 11:43 AM

5 Places You Should Not Miss out in Haryana

Haryana – The land of Mahabharata, the land of ancient civilizations, the land of Milk and Butter, the land where people are habitual of giving you a piece of their minds (just for laughs) is one of those tourist destinations in the nation which are famous for the places of historical importance. It is also believed that the epic Mahabharata was written by Rishi Vyas in Haryana. The witness of some of the most important events and incidents in the Indian history, the state of Haryana is full of lore, monuments, buildings of tourist interest and other such attractions.

We have compiled the list of the best tourist places in Haryana which should never be missed if you are on a tour in the state.

* Gurugram

Recently renamed as the Gurugram, the Gurgaon lies in the Delhi NCR region and is one of the fastest growing and expanding cities in the North India. The number of industries, corporate offices, start-ups, and malls in the city and nearby areas is making this area as the IT hub of the North India.

* Chandigarh

Known as the 'City Beautiful', this place is a union territory and serves as the joint capital of both Punjab and Haryana. There are a lot of places in and around Chandigarh which are popular among tourists.

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* Hisar

Hisar has been a city of importance since the reign of Mughals and has been a capital at that time too. Hence, the city has retained the legacy in the form of the ancient monuments and cultural influence.

* Kurukshetra

The famous war of Mahabharata was fought over the lands of Kurukshetra and this land is etched with the ancient stories and architectural monuments. The place has references in the Indian history dating back to 2800 BC.

* Ambala

Ambala is also one of the ancient towns in the state. The archaeological researches conducted in the area clearly indicate that the place was inhabited as early as the Paleolithic Age. Presently, the place is teeming with very big marketplaces which are famous for the traditional Punjabi Attires, modern apparels, cosmetics, imitation jewelry and other such commodities. Shopping in Ambala markets is a must-do the activity.

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