5 Species Of Cricket Found In India

By: Pinki Wed, 26 Feb 2020 6:02 PM

5 Species of Cricket Found in India

There are huge list of different cricket, locust and grasshoppers species found in India. The ground-dwelling insects are plant-eaters with powerful hind legs, Here is the basic and common grasshoppers found in different regions of India.

* Field Cricket

Field Crickets are from the family of Gryllidae, mostly found living in human structures and buildings. The black, red or brown in color field crickets are normally feed on grasshopper eggs, moths and butterflies.

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* House Cricket

House cricket is native to India and Asia,typically gray or brownish in color and can be kept as pets. These crickets are an edible insect in South-East Asia and also very popular for human consumption in Europe and America.

* Mole Cricket

Mole crickets are spent most of their lives underground and thought to bring good fortune to anyone who sees it. They are nocturnal, inhabit agricultural fields, grassy areas and lives underground.

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* Katydids/Bush Cricket

Katydids are also known as bush cricket or long-horned grasshoppers, known for mimicry and camouflage. They are nocturnal and most commonly heard at night during summer.

* Conehead Katydid

Conehead Katydid is a grasshopper like insects with shapes and colors similar to leaves.The katydids or bush crickets is one of the largest species of katydid, found especially in meadows, grasslands and gardens of India.

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