5 Things You Must Do When In Tulum

By: Pinki Tue, 24 Mar 2020 10:54 PM

5 Things You Must Do When in Tulum

Tulum, once a sleepy off-the-grid beach town, is now a popular Mexican Caribbean vacation destination that offers countless activities and adventures for visitors. Here’s our pick of the best activities around.

Tulum, a renowned getaway for those who want to see and be seen, has managed to maintain its bohemian feel as it has grown. Its popularity means there are more and more things to do and see, from free or inexpensive activities to pricey excursions. Read on to learn about the best of the best.

* Rent bikes for easy transportation

Due to Tulum’s unique layout the coastline, its principal attraction, is separated from downtown by a short drive or a long walk it’s advisable to rent bikes for at least a couple of the days you’ll be there. This will give you far more freedom to explore the area without relying on taxis. Plus, with the wind flowing through your hair as you cycle around, you’ll practically forget about the humidity.

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* Visit and take photos of Daniel Popper’s sculpture

Commissioned for the first Art with Me event in Tulum in 2018, the huge, breathtaking sculpture known as Ven a La Luz (or Come into Light) by internationally known multidisciplinary artist Daniel Popper is permanently installed at Ahau Tulum hotel. Made from wood, steel, rope and greenery, the work symbolizes our deep connection with nature. Parents and kids may notice the resemblance to the goddess Te Fiti in the Disney film Moana. Stop by Ahau for a drink or lunch to see this spectacular piece.

* Dive into the Gran Cenote

One of the advantages to being in the Yucatan Peninsula is that you’re surrounded by natural sinkholes, otherwise known as cenotes. In Tulum, you’ll be within a stone’s throw of some of the area’s most magnificent examples – El Gran Cenote, Calavera and Carwash are some of the most well known, but with a little searching you can find some practically deserted ones to explore too.

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* Bar hop in downtown Tulum or party on the beach

For night owls and party animals Tulum has plenty of options, whether you’re a fan of live music, beachside DJ sets or Caribbean salsa rhythms. If you choose to head downtown, you’ll have plenty of choices between the clubs that fill up on the weekends and the smaller, more intimate venues that take a bit more hunting down. We recommend Batey for quirky live music. Alternatively, head to Papaya Playa Project if partying on the beach is more your style.

* Go swimming in the Caribbean

Yes, OK, it sounds obvious, but it’s actually one of the very best things to do in Tulum. When the ocean is calm, it’s crystal clear and you can see right down to the bottom. When the sea is wavy and more active, it’s fun to jump and ride the waves. However, do pay attention to the beach flags, which signal water conditions: a black flag means do not swim; a red flag indicates dangerous conditions or swim with caution; a yellow flag means that although there is no immediate danger, you should still use caution while swimming; and a green flag means that it is completely safe to swim. Be aware that most remote beaches do not have flags.

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