Recipe- Most Popular Chana Masala

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Recipe- Most Popular Chana Masala

Masala Chole or Chana Masala are Kabuli Chana or Chickpeas cooked in spicy, tangy paste of onions, tomato, ginger and garlic in spices and herbs. This is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Northern India. Best enjoyed with Bhatura, Poori(deep fried Indian flatbreads), Kulchas, Jeera Rice or simple Steamed Rice.Other variations of Channa Masala are Pindi Chana(no-onion no-garlic), Dilliwale Chole of Chole Bhature fame!!

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Kabuli Channa/ Chole/Chickpeas- 250 g
Teabag —1

Sabut Garam Masala / Dry Whole Spices-

Tej Patta (Bay Leaves) –1 or 2 small
Dal Chini (Cinnamon Stick)– 1 small / 1 inch
Laung (Cloves)— 4-5
Kali Elaichi( Big Cardamom) –2-3

Salt — as per taste
Onions —- 1 medium
Ginger— 1″ piece
Garlic– 5-6 cloves
Green Chilies — 1-2 (as per preferences)
Tomatoes– 3 medium
Jeera / Cumin Seeds–1 Tsp
Dhania Powder/ Coriander Powder—1 Tsp
Jeera Powder/ Cumin Powder— 1/2 Tsp
Red Chili Powder—1/2 to 1 Tsp
Garam Masala—1 Tsp
Chana Masala (Store Bought / Homemade) — 2-3 Tsp
Oil for frying masala— 2 Tbsp

chana masala,chana recipe,main course recipe


* Wash and soak chickpeas in enough water, overnight.

* Drain the soaked chickpeas rinse and put in the pressure cooker, and add enough water. Add on salt, sabut garam masala (whole dry spices), tea bag. If you don’t have teabag, you can tie 1-2 tsp of tea leaves( chai patti ) in clean muslin cloth (malmal cloth) and add along with chickpeas(Chole). Instead of tea bag/ tea leaves, you can also add 2-3 dry amla (Indian gooseberry) or a small pomegranate peel , that gives a nice color and flavor to the dish.

* Let the water come to a boil, gather and discard the froth that collects on top.

* Close the pressure cooker lid and cook till 2-3 whistles and the for 5-10 minutes on low flame. Cooked chickpeas should be soft and easily mashed with a spoon.

* Discard the teabag.

* Grind together onion, green chili, ginger and garlic.

* Take a pan and heat oil in it. I prefer mustard oil, you can take any oil of your choice.

* Add jeera seeds and let it brown a little, add the onion paste, fry till it turns light brown. Grind tomatoes to puree.

* Add tomatoes puree to onion paste and cook until the masala starts to thicken up.

* Add dry masala powders (coriander, cumin, red chilli, and Chana masala). You can use any of the Chana Masala, here I have used store bought. I like Badshah Masala for Pav Bhaji, Sambhar, as it gives authentic taste to these dishes.

* Cook for another 2-3 mins till the oil separates, taking care not to burn the masala. Take a ladleful of boiled chickpeas, add to the masala and mash, and mix.

* When the masala is well cooked add it to the boiled chickpeas and mix well. Add some water if the gravy is too thick. Be careful not to add too much water, we don’t want watery Chole.

* Cook on low flame for 5-10 mins until the chickpeas are well blended with masala.

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