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Types Of Folk Music Haryana Is Famous For

By: Pinki Wed, 31 Oct 2018 12:00 PM

Types of Folk Music Haryana is Famous For

Folk music of Haryana has two main forms Classical Folk Music of Haryana and Desi Folk Music of Haryana (Country Music of Haryana), and they take the form of ballads and pangs of parting of lovers, valor and bravery, harvest and happiness.

* Classical Folk Music of Haryana

The classical form of Haryanvi music is closely associated with and based on Indian classical music. The Indian state of Haryana has produced a number of kinds of folk music, and has also produced innovations in Indian classical music. Hindustani classical ragas are used to sing Alha-Khand (1663-1202 CE) about bravery of Alha and Udal, Jaimal Fatta of Maharana Udai Singh II of Chittor (Maharana Udai Singh was the son of Rana Sanga and the father of famous braveheart Maharana Pratap), Brahmas, Teej festive songs, Phaag songs of Phalgun month of Holi and Holi songs.

* Country Music of Haryana

The country-side or desi (native) form of Haryanvi music is based on Raag Bhairvi, Raag Bhairav, Raag Kafi, Raag Jaijaivanti, Raag Jhinjhoti and Raag Pahadi and used for celebrating community bonhomie to sing seasonal songs, ballads, ceremonial songs (wedding, etc) and related religious legendary tales such as Puran Bhagat. Ahirs also use melodic Raag Pilu on a scale using seven semi-tones.

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