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Visit This Hidden Gem Of Uttarakhand For Perfect Safari Experience

By: Pinki Wed, 21 Aug 2019 5:26 PM

Visit This Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand For Perfect Safari Experience

Looking for an adventrous yet relaxing geraway? Then you must head towards Uttrakhand. The state is a treasure of natural beauty with lots of greenery and fresh air all around.One such place that offers you best jungle experience is Paatlidun Safari Resort. It is located in Corbett Tiger Reserve, village Bhakrakot of Nanital Dist. The perfect guide for this hidden gem of Uttrakhand to me were, Countywide Vacations. They gave us the best experience of our life.

Paatlidun is developed on 13 acres of land with 18 rooms and 3 different category .Our 8 Premium Luxury Cottages and 4 Luxury cottage with a cluster of 2 rooms individually are well-spaced to enjoy luxury in uninterrupted solitude and privacy. Our Premium and Luxury villas provides swimming pool . Also our 6 bush cottage adjoined to each other , provides facility of infinity bathroom looking over forest and enjoying Jacuzzi , Ideally perfect for a group of family together. Also not all our guest rooms have television , we are wildlife luxury resort and do not promote and encourage sound ( specially music ) and light pollution . An enchanting, star bed on the roof has been specially created so you sleep under a star-studded night sky .Signature star windows placed directly over your bed let you gaze at the heavens above & A vintage, claw-footed copper bathtub in your sumptuous bathroom tempts you to soak in sensual pleasures.

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The cottage design is based on the kumaoni architecture and named on the basis of the Hindu Lunar calendar. The well scarrered cottages provide a great sense of privacy without compromisingon safety.

Each room of the resort has a unique painting that depicts the religious and agrictural significance of that particular month.

The best part of resort apart from its location is session with their Naturalist. The passionate interpreter of nature Mr. Sunit, eagerly shared the little known facts about the life in nature & wildlife with you. His vast knowledge in nature helps you discuss variety of topics ranging from man animal conflicts, village life, wildlife behaviour in general and many more. He helped us a lot in appreciating nature rather than fearing it. The jungle walk with him provided us with an opportunity for bird watching and also observing smaller living beings like insects and creepy crawlers. He taught us about the interpret footprints and calls of animals that help in tracking them.

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The resort is not just an place for peaceful stay with wild animals and nature but it has many more thing to offer to its guests. Different activites such as Vird watching, wildlife documentaries, nature walk, Leaf and Rock Painting, etc are arranged for their guests.

As the resort is located in complete remote area the nearest village is KUMAONI. A walk beyond the lodge takes you to the village near resort, one can see how people live. It's also a place to learn about the hardships they face to protect their livestock and farms from animal intrusions.

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