10 Most Amazing Uses Of Neem Oil

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10 Most Amazing Uses of Neem Oil

Who wouldn’t have heard of neem and the magical powers it possesses? It is an amazing gift from nature! With unsurpassed and medically proven health and beauty benefits, it is one of the most influential and sought after herb. Neem (Azadirachta indica)is an ancient evergreen tree, which is pervasive to the Indian subcontinent, common as an ornamental shade tree. It is one of the most valuable, fundamental and vital species of plant found on the surface of the earth.

Neem oil, being extensively used in all parts of the world, is a vegetable oil, extricated by pressing the seed kernels and fruits of the neem tree. It can be extracted from most parts of the tree, but the seeds hold the highest concentration of the insecticidal compound. A single seed encompasses up to 50 percent oil by weight. It is the most widely known and used product of neem. It is a naturally occurring pesticide, found in the seeds of the neem tree With a bitter taste, a garlic/sulfur smell, and yellow-brown appearance, it has been exercised to control pests and ailments for centuries now, and still being used exclusively. Being an outstanding moisturizing oil, it has exceptional medicinal and insecticidal properties. Of present, it is used as an ingredient in numerous organic cosmetic products. There are plentiful neem oil uses, but gardeners barrage it for its anti-fungal and pesticide properties.

To name a few, here are some of the important uses of neem oil which will mesmerize you.

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# Preserve plants and treat minor wounds

Lastly, neem oil can be used to safeguard your plants by spraying the solution of neem oil and dish washing liquid in equal proportions, over the leaves, barks as well as the roots. Furthermore, for treating minor cuts and wounds, neem oil, along with Vaseline seem to work just fine.

# As a contraceptive

Neem oil has been proved to act as a very effective spermicide (killing sperm) in rhesus monkeys as well as human spermatozoa. According to studies, intra-vaginal application of a neem oil mixture before coitus can help inhibit pregnancy. Its mechanism seems to be non-hormonal.

# Making bug repellent

It is said to be an outstanding repellent for a humongous variety of garden bugs, which likely include nematodes, mites, caterpillars, locust’s beetles, etc. To control the creepy crawlies at home, for instance ants, cockroaches or termite infestation, neem oil is likely the one to pull you out of the fire.

neem oil,amazing uses of neem oil,household tips

# Medicinal properties

Neem oil is also used as a key element in many of the medicines produced. It should only be used externally on the skin. Medicines manufactured to treat diabetes, blood disorder, arthritis and disorder problems make use of neem oil. Used as a folk medicine to control respiratory disorders, leprosy, constipation and general tonic, neem oil is also prominent for treating rheumatism, ringworm, athlete’s foot, cold sores, warts, burn wounds as well as for controlling various other skin infections. It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic activity, and moreover, retains immuno stimulant.

# Anti- septic properties

Comprising of remarkable antiseptic properties has resulted in it being used as a major component in a variety of dental products, like toothpastes, rinse, and mouth water consisting of neem oil, which helps in keeping the teeth and gums infection free, strong and healthy.

# Making of pet care products

Yet one of the many uses of neem oil includes making a wide range of pet care products. Deterring ticks and fleas, managing mange, hot spots, scabies and much more, neem oil does it all. It helps to control almost all kinds of skin diseases in animals. Mighty enough to exterminate the ticks and lice in pet animals, it also prevents their re- occurrence to a certain extent. This can be carried forward by mixing it thoroughly with your pet’s shampoo. To prevent your pet from contracting that again, neem oil can be sprayed on the area visited regularly by them.

# Prevents breeding of mosquitoes

Neem oil is an important weapon to preclude mosquitoes from breeding and spreading precarious diseases. For that, emulsify the water with neem oil (by spraying or pouring and adding normal dishwashing liquid to it) in the targeted area, and the odor will automatically repel the mosquitoes, hence discourage them from breeding in that particular area. So, next time when the mosquitoes are after your life, remember, neem oil is there to your rescue!

neem oil,amazing uses of neem oil,household tips

# Cleaning purposes

Cleaning is a major task and one needs to get it over with. Cleaning carpets, mattresses methodically is one of the prime troubles to be faced. Getting rid of that godforsaken bacteria is a mind boggling job, isn’t it? However, adding neem oil to the carpet shampoo and spraying it all over the mattress will do the trick. It kills all the bacteria, mites or fungi which might be breeding there.

# Manufacture of cosmetics

It is a known fact that neem is a wonderland, as far as beauty is concerned. Haven’t your mother or grandmother given you enough know-how about it already? Keep nodding. Skin care companies most often incorporate neem oil in their cosmetic products as a key ingredient. It has gained tremendous popularity among all products of aromatherapy, which quintessentially helps to restore mental health.

As far as skin is concerned, neem oil is encumbered with nutrients and is used in a diverse range of creams, soaps, lotions. Neem has anti- inflammatory properties which provide relief to inflamed skin, irritated skin, dry or itchy skin. It is proficient in dealing with skin issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis to name a few. Also, it has astringent properties, which helps cure trivial cuts and wounds, hence the fact that neem oil is a major component in ointments.

# As a pesticide, insecticide, fungicides and germicides

Neem oil is a multipurpose oil, which is used in the production of pesticides, germicides, insecticides and fungicides, which makes it an indispensable part of the agricultural process. As the oil passes through the plant’s vascular system, the pests and insects ingest it, during the consumption process. The products inhibit the pest’s feeding process, and thwart the larvae from maturing. Also, disrupts mating behavior. It is also an expedient repellent for mites. Basically, neem oil interrupts with the pest’s life cycle and prohibits it from growing. According to many researches, neem oil spray helps control pests such as white flies, aphids, scales, locusts, etc. It’s proven to be harmless to adult beneficial insects, which feed upon treated plants.

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