4 Tips To Decorate Bedroom For Sound Sleep

By: Sandeep Thu, 04 Jan 2018 10:25 AM

4 Tips To Decorate Bedroom For Sound Sleep

We've all fawned over a gorgeous, cozy bedroom before. Crisp white sheets, the perfect amount of light, comforters so cushy you're pretty sure you'd never want to leave. But a welcoming bedroom is about more than being stylish. As many as 1 in 3 adults aren’t getting enough sleep according to the CDC. Whether it’s because we’re ever attached to our electronic devices or because of our increasingly hectic work schedules, there are a lot of reasons we're not sleeping as well as we should. And considering the physical toll a lack of sleep takes on our mental and physical health, with a lack of sleep even leading to a near-drunk level of impairment, finding a solution is critical for our well-being.

* Go for a blue color scheme

Choose cool colors for your bedroom, particularly blue. A study conducted by Travelodge discovered those who slept in a room with a blue color scheme got the best night’s sleep. Yellow and green also led to solid shut-eye.

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* Add light-blocking window

We know light has a habit of waking us up. Whether it’s a decent set of blinds or thick curtains, be sure you’re able to make your room nice and dark at night. Alternately, consider a sleeping mask to keep light out of your eyes.

* Have a bed frame & headboard

Feng shui principles suggest the bed frame and headboard to make you feel supported and safe. Wood headboards are a good option here, as are strong upholstered headboards.

* Leave ample space under your bed

Another feng shui principle, keeping your bed raised off the ground with space underneath allows for energy flow. Avoid using the area for storage.

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