5 Common Diseases That Dogs Suffer

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5 Common Diseases That Dogs Suffer

Everyday when u come back home from a long and tiresome working day, the first one to greet you at the door is your dog who is all set to get back you to your happy place with all his playful activities, certainly adds cheers to your life. But, when one unfaithful day he is not there at the door as you arrive and is lying somewhere in some corner of the house, then that means your best bud is probably not well.

Dogs suffer from a lot of common diseases as do human beings such as Diabetes, Arthritis etc along with other dog-specific diseases. These diseases makes their lives dull and bodies lethargic as they loose appetite and immunity in most of the cases.

Thus, If u want to see your dog chasing you throughout the house, playing with u all day long then dog lovers need to take care of their pet’s body in order to ensure a healthy and playful life of theirs, try as much as possible to keep them away from these diseases and visit vets on a routinely basis.

* Lyme Disease

When taking out your dog for long walks outside, stay clear of tick-infested environment, as Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-borne diseases all over the the world. This disease would make your dog’s behavior lame and depressed along with lack of appetite as it causes inflammation in his joints. You can prevent lyme disease either by removing ticks via hands or one could easily get a variety of products such as Sprays , collars and other repellents that are available in the market. But, in case the dog does get infected by this disease, make sure that the disease is fully resolved otherwise it might later on harm the kidneys, heart and nervous system.

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* Parvo

If your dog is suffering, having vomiting, diarrhea and is losing appetite, then he/she might be infected with Parvovirus, one such canine infection that is not only highly contagious in its form but also life-threatening. Most often, it happens to young puppies between the age of 6 weeks and 6 months. Although, proper and timely vaccinations could prevent this disease, yet, if it does occur then a veterinarian should be approached as soon as possible.

* Ear infections

If your dog loves to play outdoors he might probably catch an Ear infection, due to the presence of dust mites or if your dog is allergic to pollens. Also sometimes the moisture that settles while bathing, later on fosters bacteria formation, which causes redness, swelling and abnormal odor in the dog’s ears. Inflammation of these ear infections might even lead to impaired hearing problems. thus, such infections should be prevented by regular clean up of ears.

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* Obesity

you might find your chubby dog very cute and cuddly, but obesity would harm your dog to a great extent. This occurs usually because either you or your dog-taker is offering your dog more number of meals or expanded meals or high-calorie meals than is actually required by their bodies. It is found that more than 45% of the dogs are overweight or obese by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). Thus, shower the right kind of love on to your dogs by giving them a proper balanced diet replacing high-calorie treats with healthy substitutes.

* Kennel Cough

A Highly contagious disease such as Kennel cough is widespread in dogs, studies reflect upon the fact that every dog has it once in a lifetime. This is a respiratory disease that causes inflammation of Bronchi and Trachea leads to a persistent and watery nasal discharge in dogs. for mild cases, sufficient amount of hydration and a nutrient based diet helps, but for severe cases, medication is required in order to reduce the inflammation.

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