5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders

By: Pinki Wed, 23 Dec 2020 10:01 PM

5 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Spiders

If you’re in a fix over how to get rid of spiders infesting your home, you’ve come to the right place. Spiders aren’t always harmful to human beings but, granted, a spider infestation is a sanitation issue and so much more. Don’t whip out the toxic chemical sprays just yet, though– in this post, we’re telling you how to get rid of spiders with home remedies that are safe to use.

# Use Essential Oils

Happily, the same fragrances that we’d love to permeate our home are also the same scents spiders are repelled by. Peppermint oil is first on the list– around 30 drops mixed with water in a spray bottle can act as a disinfectant, spider-driver and a room freshener. Spray it in the areas spiders frequent to repel them when they’re there and use it on the regular to keep the pests at bay. Tea tree, cinnamon and lavender essential oils work just as well.

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# Overload on Citrus

The strong acidic scent of citrus fruits is a natural repellent for spiders. Consider rubbing lemon or orange peels along corners, skirting, window frames and other spider-friendly areas to repel them. You could consider turning this into a spray as well. Furthermore, use citrus-scented cleaning products around the home to double the effect.

# Place Nuts Around the House

Chestnuts, walnuts, almonds and other nuts are said to drive away spiders, although many can’t fathom why it works the way it does. In particular, chestnuts are said to have a compound that spiders find repugnant; poke a few holes into them to hasten the release of these chemicals and divert any inquisitive spiders.

spiders,tips to get rid of spiders,household tips

# Put Some Garlic on Display

Depending on how well you can tolerate the smell, garlic is a good answer to the ‘how to get rid of spiders’ question without reaching any further than your pantry. A few crushed cloves around high-traffic areas will do the trick. If you’re sensitive to the smell, consider adding crushed garlic to a spray bottle with water. This dilutes the pungent smell for humans but not enough to be rendered ineffective against spiders.

# Add a Few Repellent Houseplants

If you’re somehow dealing with nature withdrawal and a spider infestation at the same time, here’s some good news for you– some houseplants are natural spider repellants. Consequently, peppermint, basil and lavender work well to repel these pests themselves. Chrysanthemum, lemon balm and citronella repel other insects, depriving spiders of their food source.

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