5 Pots To Bring Home For Your Plants

By: Pinki Sun, 09 Feb 2020 12:49 PM

5 Pots To Bring Home For Your Plants

Most of the modern couples prefer greenery and plants as a decorative item to enhance their living spaces. This is because, greenery is known to bring in peace of mind, calmness and relaxation to one’s life and these new plants are best pieces of décor one can ever have. But are you wondering what can be different plant pots in order to suit the different plants?

Well, if you are wondering that all the indoor or outdoor or large plants, even hanging plants, can be kept under one similar variant of pots, then you are entirely wrong! Any florae require the right fit of the pot to have a good and long life. So here we are today, to give you a glimpse of our favourite and well-known fancy pots which not just fit different plants, but also add brightness to your homes!

* Coir

Given the damage caused by the environment around, with plastic and related materials, most of the modern youth are seen to shift to coir pots. They are all new eco-friendly, biodegradable and long-lasting plants which come in different shapes and sizes. They are made with coconut husk, making it environment-friendly.

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* Ceramic

Also known as stoneware, the Ceramic pots are finely textured and are made with light-colored clay. They are outcome of firing in high kiln and then shaped to bring in the desired outcome. Often, one can notice the ceramic pots to be attractive, as they are painted and decorated well with waterproof and paint-like substance.

* Terracotta

Terracotta is quite similar and near to ceramic pottery. It is made with special terracotta clay, which are water-tight in nature and is porous. Given that the issue of over watering can be resolved quickly with these pots, they are great for dry soil plants. They are great pots to prevent soil diseases and root cot issues.

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