5 Scented Flowers To Use For Home Garden

By: Pinki Sat, 22 Feb 2020 3:08 PM

5 Scented Flowers To Use For Home Garden

We all love scents. They can make anyone get lost in a fairytale world, mesmerized with a fresh fragrance, beauty and its associated perfumes. Fragrances have the power to hypnotize people. Today, let us see the similar case of exploring world’ most popular fragrant flowers, which makes people fall in love with them.

When we think about the scented flowers, most of us can only remember common herbs such as jasmine or rose. But do you what are other popular and world famous herbs with best scent? Let us get to know the unknown and find out all about these best fragrances across the globe! Let’s get started!

* Lilies

Most of us already have heard about lilies. This flower, while is native in northern hemisphere regions, is popular in several parts of the globe. But one must note that not all the varieties of lilies are equally fragrant. These to be scented are generally located under full sun and can be best as a result of organic fish fertilizers. Most of these scented flowers also look quite beautiful and fascinate us with its looks.

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* Ylang ylang

The Ylang Ylang, (also called as eelang-eelang) are mostly found in Asian and Australian continents. They are an entire tree of perfume, which surprisingly blooms year around. These flowers are into a list of among most exotic ones too, given the way the fragrance is spread around even to far off places. Tropical regions fit best for these yellow fragrant and scented flowers.

* Jasmine

Being one of the most popular fragrant flowers, most of us know Jasmine already. They come in several hundred varieties and are found all across the world. These flowers have a strong fragrance, despite the smallest in size and have a different color. These small white scented and fragrant flowers can only grow in tropical regions.

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* Rose

Undoubtedly among the most popular flower across the globe, do you know there are more than 100 varieties of species in rose flower? One can find this most beautiful flower in most gardens of the world, and today we have several hybrid types of them coming up as well! These popular red fragrant and perfumed flowers requires plenty of water and sunlight and best as ornamental plants to give a beautiful look around our living spaces too.

* Gardenia

Gardenia flowers, also known as Gandharaj flowers in India are popular for the unique fragrance and great scent. They are tall tropical flowers, with a leathery, waxy texture and are found only in tropical regions. These shrubs are perfect to be as an ornamental flower, given their beauty and look.

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