5 Tips To Decorate House With Flowers

By: Pinki Wed, 09 Oct 2019 11:12 AM

5 Tips To Decorate House With Flowers

Bringing fresh flowers into your home will not only bring the interiors alive, it will also bring in more joy and inspiration into our homes.

When you think about most of the major moments in your life, wouldn’t you agree that freshly cut flowers have somehow always been part of that day. We use them to celebrate precious moments, such as the arrival or a new life, or a new love blossoming. So, why not bring them home regularly to add a hint of freshness to your décor?

Here’s how bringing fresh flowers into your home can help:

* The feel-good factor

Have you ever noticed, that when you are around beautiful blossoms, you feel pretty great. The same principle applies when bringing fresh flowers to do up your home. The sweet smell of a blossom can remind us of happy spring days as a child. The glimpse of a rose can transport you back to your wedding day. On a dark winter day, flowers will remind you that spring is not far away.

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* Get them in all kinds of colors

Brighter colors that give us energy are those that focus on energy from the inside out. Flowers in yellows and oranges really pump those feelings up. Think sunflowers, gerberas, and gladioli. On the other hand, flowers in white are not only soothing to the eye but also to the senses. Consider tulips and gorgeous lilies for special occasions and tuberoses for everyday décor.

* Keep them spread across the house

Put flowers where you’re going to see them often. It depends on what rooms you spend the most time in.

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* In the living room

Keeping flowers in the living room are a must. They not only add an instant element of décor to your home but also keeps the atmosphere in the room fresh and vibrant.

* In the kitchen area

Always keep flowers on the kitchen table. Sometimes this can be just a small grocery-store bouquet; at other times, it could be a flowering herb. It brightens up our kitchen and makes us feel finished, settled and snug in a way that a clean kitchen alone cannot.

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