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7 Things To Know About Wipro’s Next Chief Rishad Premji

By: Pinki Sat, 08 June 2019 11:00 AM

7 Things to know about Wipro’s next chief Rishad Premji

Business tycoon Azim Premji, founder, chairman, and managing director of Wipro will step down on July 30 and his eldest son and Chief Strategy Officer Rishad Premji will succeed him as the Executive Chairman on July 31. Under Azim Premji’s leadership, Wipro grew from a cooking fat company to becoming a conglomerate spanning IT, energy and consumer care. Azim said son Rishad’s ‘deep knowledge’ of the global technology industry and cross-industry experiences would help the company drive the next phase of growth. As 41-year-old Rishad Premji, takes over the position, here are 7 things you must know about the next Wipro chief.

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* Rishad has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Wesleyan University in the US.

* He has been a key part of the Wipro’s leadership team since 2007 and was recently made chief strategy officer.

* Before joining Wipro, Rishad worked on assignments across consumer products, automobiles, telecom and insurance with Bain & Company in London.

* He also spent a year at the London School of Economics.

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* According to news18, Rishad got his first job at Wipro after going through a series of interviews. He was also interviewed by Girish Paranjpe, former Wipro co-CEO and now a venture capitalist, when he was in London.

* In 2005, Rishad married his childhood friend Aditi in a low-key ceremony. The couple is blessed with two children Rhea and Rohaan.

* In 2014, Rishad was recognised as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

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