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Tips To Decorate Wedding Room For First Night

By: Kratika Mon, 25 Dec 2017 2:12 PM

Tips to decorate wedding room for first night

A wedding is very important in every man and woman's life. It becomes more valuable and precious when we celebrate it perfectly. Here are some ideas for decorate a wedding room.

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The bed should be made with immaculate fresh linen to give the room a fresh and clean look and feel. Also, place a few clean sheets and blankets for use in case of need.

The lighting should be sober but not dull, as it would spoil the brightness of the evening affecting the mood of the couple who are in a joyous state because of the recent development in their life.


Decoration is of prime significance for the first night. Generally candles and flowers are used to give the room a fresh and radiant look.

*Toilet essentials

The toilet comes next in the queue, as most people forget to place essentials in the toilet. Place some nice smelling body and bubble baths along with a few other essentials.

*Dressing room

Dressing room should be equipped with a few essentials such as hair brushes and perfumes to add to the decor.

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