Celebrate Bhai Dooj With Baked Badam Puri

By: Sandeep Fri, 13 Oct 2017 2:14 PM

Celebrate Bhai Dooj With Baked Badam Puri

After 2 days of Diwali is Bhai Dooj , when sister make something special for their brothers. So, this Bhai Dooj impress your brother with Baked Badam Puri


Badam (Almonds)2 Cup
Sugar1/2 Cup
Low Fat Milk1/4 Cup
Cardamon Powder1 Teaspoon
Kesar (Saffron)1/4 Teaspoon


# Heat Saffron in a spoon over low flame

# Soak Saffron in milk and keep aside

# Grind almonds in a food processor till finely ground

# Add the sugar and the Cardamon powder to the almond meal

# Crush Saffron on side of a bowl and add milk. Add the milk a teaspoon at a time and start kneading

# If not able to make hard dough, transfer the contents to the food processor and process till the dough forms

# Make dough into two parts. Take one part and roll it between wax paper about 3/8 inch thick

# Take a cookie cutter and cut the dough and transfer the cookies to a greased cookie tray or on parchment paper

# Bake at 375 Degree F for 10 Minutes or less. Make sure you don’t burn the cookies

# If 375 F is too high for your oven then reduce it to 350 F.

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