Holi 2020- Holi Is Incomplete Without Mawa Gujiya

By: Pinki Thu, 27 Feb 2020 12:18 PM

Holi 2020- Holi is Incomplete Without Mawa Gujiya

Mawa Gujiya are a traditional Indian fried pastry stuffed with sweet coconut and Khoya filling. Gujia are must make recipe for the festival of Holi. Gujiya, Gajar Ki Kanji, Aloo Ke Chips, Aloo Ke Papad and Papdi are marked assignature dishes and made them only for special occasions and festivals.

You will need a mould to shape the Gujiya unless you are adept with sealing the edges using your fingers.So make sure to buy one before hand or order it online.For the filling, you can use other dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios etc.

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4 cups Maida
1/2 cup Ghee Melted
200 g Khoya
2 cups Dry Coconut Finely grated
1/2 cup Chironji
1/2 cup Raisins
200 g Powdered Sugar
2 tsp Cardamom powder
2 tbsp Maida
3 tbsp Water


* Mix melted ghee with all purpose flour and rub with your palms.

* Knead a soft dough using water.

* Cover and keep aside.

* Break the khoya into small pieces and fry till pinkish in color.

* Let it cool and then add grated coconut, chironji, raisins, caster sugar and cardamom powder.

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* Mix well.

* Mix maida and water in a bowl.

* Knead the dough for a minute.

* Divide it into 40 pieces.

* Roll each piece into a 4 inch disc.

* Keep the rolled discs in a plate covered with damp cloth.

* While rolling the dough, keep the remaining dough covered.

* Keep the rolled disc in the gujiya mould and fill it with 1 and ½ tsp of filling.

* Apply the sealant on the borders and press the mould.

* Remove the extra dough from around.

* Remove the gujiya from the mould and store in a plate covered with damp cloth.

* Make all the gujiyas in the same way.

* Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan.

* Deep fry the gujiyas on medium low flame till lightly browned.

* Let the gujiyas cool before storing them in a airtight container.

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