Recipe- Beat The Summer Heat With Panagam

By: Pinki Mon, 07 May 2018 1:30 PM

Recipe- Beat The Summer Heat With Panagam

Panagam is a healthy drink specially suited for hot summer. Being rich in iron content, it would quench our thirst and provide energy. It can be served alone as an afternoon drink especially to people returning from hot sun.


Jaggery -200 g
Cardamom -4
Dry ginger -a small piece
Lemon - ½
Chilled water- 4 glasses


* Crush jaggery to powder.

* Dissolve it in 4 glasses of already chilled water.

* Crush cardamom and dry ginger and add it to the mixture.

* Squeeze the half lemon, and add a dash of lemon juice for flavor.

* Stir well.

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