VIDEO- Maggie Noodles Cooked In Milk Is What Is Trending

By: Pinki Tue, 17 Sept 2019 10:49 AM

VIDEO- Maggie Noodles Cooked in Milk is What is Trending

Maggi Noodles is probably the nation’s favourite go-to meal whenever hunger strikes. There are many variants of the 2-minute meal that are so lip-smacking that you just can’t get enough. Experiments in cooking is nothing new and has given rise to many mouth-watering dishes, but occasionally there comes a dish which makes you wish that it never happened. If the internet and the response to the tweet posted by Desi Gooner is anything to go by, then this ‘Sweet Maggi’ recipe is firmly placed in the latter.

Originally posted on YouTube by hemanshi’s world more than two years ago, this video tweeted by Desi Gooner on September 12 has just gone viral. In the video one can see the dish being prepared. First, blocks of Maggi are broken into a bowl of milk, then glass of water, rose petals and some condensed milk are added. The end result resembles something like kheer.

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Nothing I can say will do justice to the reactions, so here, take a look for yourself.

The YouTuber who originally posted this video is quite famous and also have over 7 lakh followers on her channel.

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