10 Things You Must Keep As A Secret

By: Kratika Tue, 23 Feb 2021 2:40 PM

10 Things You Must Keep as a Secret

Some things are better to be kept to ourselves than sharing it to others. Sharing and opening up your problems or other personal stuff to others might not be a good move. There’s a possibility that they might use your secrets against you, resulting in undesirable events.

Below are the things that one should keep as a secret.

# Heroism

Sharing your moment of heroism and your brave act is a different thing that might make you a foolish person. Each person is having or facing struggles in life and we are fixing it continuously. Give yourself a break and don’t take it seriously. Be humble to everyone.

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# Goals and dreams in life

If you already set your goals and dreams in life, the best thing to do is to keep it by yourself because sharing these to others might influence your point of view towards your goal and you might get confused on it. Always remember that we can’t get the same advice or opinion from others because every man’s point of view is different from each other. Don’t get distracted with other’s criticism or negative comments and be confident enough to reach your goals in life. Someday people will hear and see how successful you are.

# The Favors for others

Doing favors for others, generosity and charity should be kept to yourself. You don’t need to shout out to the world about your good deeds because it might hurt other’s ego and feelings. Don’t do good deeds just to boast or to make yourself famous. You need to pause, think and ask yourself…”Why I do good things for others?”

# Your lifestyle

No one cares what you are going through in your life, what diet method you have, how many hours you’ve slept, what you do with your partner, where you take vacations, etc. This is your lifestyle and it should be kept to yourself only, no need to expose it or to make it an issue. Everyone has its own and different lifestyle in life. Just be contented and be happy.

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# Your philosophy in life

You have your own viewpoint in life. You believe in something that keeps you going and live in a healthier way. Whatever decisions you have in your life, it only concerns you and no one else. Don’t push your own philosophy to other’s life.

# Biggest weaknesses and fears

Are you scared of something? Do you have your biggest weakness? We all know that each of us has fears and weaknesses in life but no matter how small or huge it is or whatever it is, we can deal on it. However, sharing this to others or asking help from them is not a good idea. Honestly, this might be used against you regardless of how close you are. Keep this to yourself, all you need to do is to face it with courage.

# Past resentments

Do you understand the saying “past is past”? Yes, the past is past and no need to bring it up again because it’s useless especially if everything is over now. If there is a circumstance in the past that was ignored and you want to bring that up again, it won’t help you. Expressing your feelings while it is happening and sharing what is on your mind is the best thing to do. If you lose those chances, always remember you can’t do anything anymore. So, don’t miss that chance for you to avoid hurting others for no valid reasons.

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# Family conflicts and problems

Have you ever experienced sharing your family problems to your friends? Were you able to solve it or just made it worst? The more you share and open about these, the harder and lower the chance of solving it. This is the common mistake we have as a person. Family problems are meant to be fixed and be solved inside the family circle and are not meant to be revealed to others. Everyone has different opinions and those opinions will get you confused at the end and besides, no one knows what’s the real score about your family issues.

# Not-so-good facts about others

Don’t share or gossip the things you have heard or saw from others especially if you are not really sure if it is true or not. This is not your business anymore and avoid taking interest on it. If you do this awful action, you’re proving that no one can trust you. People will lose trust in you and they will be hesitant to share everything with you. There are lots of things to give more importance to. And always remember, each person must focus on their personal business, not other’s business.

# Your Talents

Talents should not be kept as a secret, be proud and expose this to the world indeed. However, the purpose why we incorporate this in this article, it’s because there are lots of people who use their talents as an admiration. Having special skills and talent is a gift from above and no need to talk about it. Don’t be boastful but instead, show it in the right place and at the right time. You will see, people will appreciate it; there’s no need to brag in public.

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