10 Ways To Flirt And Make Your Man Jealous

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10 Ways To Flirt and Make Your Man Jealous

Do you feel your boyfriend is not giving you the passion you deserve? Are you wondering how to make him give you more attention? If your answer is yes, then this article is just for you. One of the options that you can use to spark love in your relationship is by making him jealous. There are moments when your boyfriend ends up irritating you whether you like him, are dating or have just gone separate ways with him. In order to prove your worth, you will need to look for a way to grab his attention. And there is no better way of doing that than to make him feel jealous. But how do i make my boyfriend jealous? This is a question that runs in the minds of many girls. The good news is that there are several methods that you can use to make your boyfriend feel jealous.

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# Flirt with another boy to make him feel jealous

When you start flirting with another boy, you will make your boyfriend jealousy and he will be left desiring your more. However, you should avoid taking this too far to a point where he will end up hating you for treating him badly. Ensure that this remain simple. Spend time laughing with other men. Touch their arms or hair. Compliment them on their beautiful shirt or even their six-packs. Make all those flattering comments about the other guy other than your boyfriend. When you see your boyfriend approaching, make sure that you are having fun with other boys. When he gets closer, just wave at him as you continue having fun with your buddies. If he isn’t giving you any special treatment, why should you bother yourself?

# Look good to make your boy jealous

A common mistake that girls make is to slack off when they get comfortable in a relationship. They dress down and do not pay much attention to their make-up and hair. This will not augur well for your confidence as well as for your relationship. To make your boy a bit jealous, ensure that you always look smart whether you are heading to the grocery store or you are just relaxing at home. Probably you have been in a situation where you met your ex down the street and they looked five times hotter than when you were dating. You probably felt as if it wasn’t a good idea to break-up with them over the trivial issues like a stupid text message. This is definitely one of the feelings that you hated most. This is one strategy that is worth trying. If you are looking for a way to make your boy jealous, you can do that by simply looking great. I assure you that when you pull this off, you will be able to make them regret the day they dumped you. Some of the ideas that you can use to look better include: 1. Eating in a more healthier way and joining a workout program 2. Putting on makeup 3. Having a new hair color that will look great When you try out these measures, you will make him jealous of the fact that he is missing out on the hot new blonde.

# Act like they don’t matter to you

The weird thing about humans is that they want something that they can’t have. While you may find this to be ridiculous, this is how things are and you will agree that you are also attracted to the nonchalant things. For instance, if you have been trying to get someone’s attention and they keep ignoring you despite sending numerous text message, that’s when you desire them more. This is the same reason why you find that it is the men you don’t love that show more interest in you while the boy you are crazy about does not show any interest in you. You can try pulling off this stunt on your boyfriend by avoiding everything to do with him. Avoid sending any messages to your boy. Don’t even look at him. In fact you should behave as if your boyfriend doesn’t exist. When they approach you, act as if they do not matter. You can answer them with a few words and a short smile before going on with your own business. I assure you they will be left missing you. Whether you have just started dating or you are in a serious relationship, you can always try out this stunt. Pretend that your mind has better things to think of. The moment he begins to see that he is losing your interest, he will be very jealous.

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# Have a great time to make your boy jealous

When you show someone that you love them, they tend to behave as if you derive your happiness from them. If you would like your boy to come off his high horse and be filled with jealousy, make yourself happy without him. This will be difficult for your boyfriend to believe as he considers you to be nothing without him. They will be filled with jealousy just to think that you can have a great time without them. Therefore, put on your heels, call the girls and go out for a memorable night without him. You can let your dude know that you are going out with the girls a couple of days before. Wear your best outfit just to show him how serious you are. You can rest assured that he will be turning in his bed the whole night wondering who you were speaking to, whether you danced with another boy or you caught the attention of another guy. And since your goal was to leave him feeling jealous, you will easily accomplish your mission. You shouldn’t be surprised if he keeps calling you the whole night. It is a sign that he is feeling jittery. You might even see him come to your local to check on you. In case you see him do that, just know that you have managed to make him feel jealous.

# Talk good of other men

Probably you have been in a situation where you were talking to a dude you like and he keeps talking about how pretty or bright another girl was. You definitely agree that this was quite irritating. You can also do the same to that boy you desire to make him desire you more. However, you must ensure that your comments remain natural and smooth. If you make them obnoxious, you will give away the fact that you are trying to make him jealous. One of the things that you should avoid doing in a relationship is talking good about your ex. However, if you are looking for a way of making your boyfriend jealous, try to bring some memories of the good times with your ex. By introducing your ex, you will be bringing a bit of competition to the table. You can be assured that he will not be amused about it. This is particularly the case because boys fear competition from an ex more than from any other quarter. Your boyfriend knows that your ex still has a special place in your heart and this is something that he will be afraid of. You can mention something to do with your ex recently getting in touch with you. This will leave your boy thinking that he is about to lose you. In order to prevent the plan from backfiring, be sure to mention that you have no interest in him. However, no matter how hard you will try to reassure him, he will be left with a tinge of jealousy in his heart. He will treat you better in a bid to lock out the competition.

# Date another man to make your boy jealous

Before you try this stunt, you need to know that it can turn out to be a good or bad idea depending on your boy and how he will react to you dating another man. This can be an extreme way of making him jealous and you should only try it out if nothing else seems to work. However, if things go as per your desire, you will be quite lucky. For instance, if there is a guy that you have always desired to date and despite being friendly to him and trying to get his attention, he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, you can decide to have enough of it. Make him jealous by dating another guy. This will leave your ex extremely jealous and he will see that it was a mistake for him to ignore or dump you. If possible, make sure you flaunt a more handsome guy and this move will leave him seething with jealousy. This is because he will realize that you have better options than him.

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# Laugh at another boy’s jokes

Nothing pleases a boy more than seeing his girl burst out in laughter at his joke. This leaves your boyfriend thinking that he is the funniest boy in the world and he is the only one who can make you fall down in laughter. So, when he hears you laugh at another boy’s joke, this will leave him feeling very jealous. When you go out with a group of buddies, you can begin laughing loudly at one of the buddy’s joke. You will instantly see your boy become uncomfortable and acting jealous. He might even try to reclaim his territory by trying to sound funny in a bid to show the other men that he has the key to your heart and is in control of your funny bones.

# Work late to make your boy jealous

If your working day ends at 5.00 pm, you should consider working until 8.00 pm if you want to make your boy jealous. Many boys consider a working late in the night as a sign of cheating and even though you aren’t hooking up with another boy behind your boyfriend’s back, he will think that you are seeing someone else. You only need to inform your boss that you are ready to put in some extra working hours. During those hours, your boyfriend’s mind will be wondering where you are and with who. He will probably start envisioning you going out with a co-worker or even your boss. I assure you he may even pop in at the workplace just to check on you. This is a clear indication that he is suspicious and jealous.

# Keep your boy waiting to make him jealous

If you show your boyfriend or even ex that you are needy and clingy, this will work against you. If you want to fill him with jealousy, you should keep him waiting. When he sends a text, avoid replying immediately. If possible, don’t reply the text for the next one or two hours. In case he leaves a voice mail message, don’t call him back until the next day. Unlike what you may think, this will actually pull him closer to you rather than push him away. When you fail to respond to his text or voicemail message, he will be left wondering the kind of girl you are. On top of that he will keep wondering why you aren’t responding to his text messages. He will think that you are probably having dinner with your ex or probably you are enjoying hockey with a new guy you have met. All these are thoughts that will run through his mind and he will definitely be jealous of you.

# Cut short his conversation to make him jealous

Now that he is your boyfriend, he probably spends a lot of time speaking to you on the phone. He longs for your voice and gets excited as you speak to him. However, if you want to make him a little bit jealous, you can try cutting short his conversation. In case you used to spend one hour speaking on the phone, cut down the conversation to 20 minutes. You can say something like you got another call and you will be calling him back. You can be assured that your boy will wait the entire night for your phone call. Wait until the next day to send a text to him with a lame excuse that you felt sleepy. He will be left thinking that you were with another guy and will definitely feel jealous.

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