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12 Key Moments In A Relationship That Are Beneficial For Both Of You

By: Pinki Mon, 22 Feb 2021 12:14 PM

12 Key Moments in a Relationship That are Beneficial For Both of You

Each relationship is different but there are moments that move you forward and bring you closer together. Have you had these key moments in a relationship?

Your relationship is full of moments, both good and bad. You have fights. You cuddle. You kiss. But, which of those are key moments in a relationship?

Which of those moments changed things for you? Which jump-started your feelings? Which moment solidified your relationship. What made you feel more secure?

These are the key moments in a relationship. They will happen at different times and in different ways for everyone, but knowing if they’ve happened or not can help you know where your relationship is.

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# First stay-at-home date

Sure, your first date is quite a step, same with your first kiss, but the first comfy date means a lot more. This is the first time you're truly alone together in private. Whether you made him dinner or she picked the perfect movie, this is an intimate date.

This is when things either go south or move closer. Are you comfortable? Do you want to cuddle or get out of there ASAP? This date is when you start to really see something with this person or not because you'll probably be doing this a whole lot more than going out.

# Meeting the pet or best friend

If your best friend or pet doesn't care for your significant other, it can really cause a rift between you. If this meeting goes well, the confidence you have in the relationship will likely soar. After this, the nerves tend to lessen when you invite each other to group events and hangouts. It says that everyone will be cool hanging out together.

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# Realizing they listened to you

This is something a lot of people don't pinpoint as a key moment in a relationship, but it really is. You can talk all day with your partner but it often goes in one ear and out the other. When they repeat something back to you, especially when you thought they were zoned out or that it wasn't important, it means something.

# Running errands together

This is such a major milestone for any relationship. If you can enjoy doing the boring, mundane, and frankly, annoying stuff together, that is what you want. You want a relationship with someone who isn't just good at romantic gestures and date nights but also the everyday stuff that you are usually consumed with.

relationship,relationship tips,key moments in relationship

# Meeting the parents

This means something different for everyone. It could mean meeting grandparents, siblings, kids, your mentor, their neighbor. Depending on how close you are to the folks, meeting the parents clues you into how future family functions will go.

# Taking a mini-vacation

Sure, you’ve spent the night at each other's place but going away together even just for the weekend is different. You are on neutral turf. You aren’t tidying up in his space and he isn't holding tongue about your sloppiness.

You get to see how you two manage more than 24 hours together, sharing a space, and even the process of traveling by plane or car can be stressful. Handling that together reminds you of what you can handle.

# A big disagreement

I am not talking about which Star Wars movie is the best it's the third one. A real argument about something teaches you a lot. Do you get mad? Do you scream or say things you’ll regret?

Did you work through the fight & meet in the middle? Did you listen to each other or were you stubborn? Surviving your first fight is for sure a key moment in a relationship. It shows you that you can maturely handle imperfect moments.

relationship,relationship tips,key moments in relationship

# Little annoyances

For the first few months of dating, we usually wear rose-colored glasses. We see the best of our partners and overlook the little things that would normally drive us nuts. But there comes a time that those things are on display.

You notice your partner's gross habits, weird quirks, and maybe even their faults, but what makes this a key moment in a relationship is that they aren't enough for you to leave. You see the things about them that are imperfect or that drive you crazy but you still like them, maybe even because of those things rather than in spite of them.

# Saying I love you

The first I love yous are always a big deal. I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise to you. Having said I love you and hearing it back pushes you from dating into a relationship and a serious relationship.

I love you means something especially when shared for the first time. It is a sign of vulnerability and trust.

relationship,relationship tips,key moments in relationship

# Talking about the future

You may have shared your 5-year plan for your career on the second date, but if you are starting to talk about the future together, that says something. I don't mean buying concert tickets for next month but seriously discussing what your future might look like.

Will you move in together? Would you move for the other person's job? Are you both hoping for a big wedding or a simple ceremony at city hall or no wedding at all?

# Kids?

Discussing kids is a huge deal breaker for most relationships and that clearly makes it a key moment. Not being on the same page when it comes to wanting kids, having kids, or how you would potentially want to raise your kids can end even the best relationship.

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