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14 Tips To Get A Perfect Guide To Write A Love Letter

By: Kratika Sun, 18 Oct 2020 08:18 AM

14 Tips To Get a Perfect Guide To Write a Love Letter

Love letter may sound like an old school, but trust me it is still very much relevant. No matter how much we say that in today’s world who writes love letters! But, deep inside we hope that someday someone takes out the time from their busy schedule to pen down their thoughts for us. Don’t lie. Even you also want to know how it feels like to go through the words that your partner has written for you. Love letters are equally important for us nowadays because if someone is taking out so much of time to write down their thoughts on paper, then that person must be very special. Otherwise, why would you waste your time thinking about what to write and how to put your thoughts across on the paper?

For a long time now, you have been typing in formal letters only, so writing a love letter might come across as a daunting task for you. But, with some practice and a little help from us you will soon ace the art of writing a love letter. It is your anniversary, but you have forgotten to get her some gift. No need to stress out, a handwritten love letter will do the trick. If you don’t believe, then try it out once. They will be touched by your gesture. You must be thinking that rather than wasting time in jotting down the thoughts it will be better if you rush out to get her some gifts. But, wrong you are! No gift can ever take place of a love letter. So, now if you are convinced that this time around you will surprise your significant other with a love letter, then here you will get a perfect guide to write a love letter.

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* Feelings are important when you write

You can write lengths about your emotions and what you feel, but if it is a copy paste material, then your love will throw it away in the dustbin in no time. I know that not everybody is a great writer, but more than the style it is the feelings that matter the most. If you want to make your love go weak on their knees, then be original and it should make some sense. It should come straight from your heart and hit the right chord to whom it is directed.

* Write it whenever you feel like

It should not be planned rather you should write whenever you feel like. If your significant other is angry with you, then you can drop her an email stating how sorry you are feeling. If it is her birthday, then surprise her with your love letter. These kinds of surprises have an everlasting effect and they will love your style of expressing love.

* Love letter – a sweet gesture of love

Your love letter shouldn’t only focus on how beautiful she is or how handsome he is. He/ she already know that. Write the love letter pointing out the other qualities that they might themselves are not aware of. There should be a variety of things included in the love letter to give it a personal touch. While reading your love letter, your significant other must realize the love that you have weaved in every word.

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* Love letters are timeless

Don’t consider the love letters as a thing of past. It is very much relevant even today. If you get tongue-tied when you are with our significant other and till date, you haven’t been able to express your true feelings, then write a letter to her. Fill up the page with all your emotions and gift it to her. She will be overwhelmed with joy.

* Write from your heart

You shouldn’t try too hard to make it look like a love letter. What do you think a love letter is? It is a simple letter where words are not formally constructed rather it comes from deep inside your heart and it touches the soul of your girlfriend. An official letter needs to follow a format where there is a fixed way of opening a letter, then the body and finally the closure. But, there is no fixed rule to write a love letter. You can write anything to address the love of your life. Here the only requirement is that every word that you pen down should be heartfelt otherwise there would be no impact at all.

* Starting off with a purpose

You should be able to answer the questions like why you are writing a love letter and what purpose it will serve! Otherwise, midway through the letter, the words might get messed up and you will end up writing a silly letter to your girlfriend. If you want to write a well-thought sweet love letter, then you can start with something like, “I don’t think I have ever told you enough about how much I care for you. You are my guiding star and whenever I am down and out, you pick me up and cheer me up always. But, I don’t think I have thanked you enough for this. You are my love and you will always be close to my heart, no matter what.”

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* Include past, present, and future references

Now that you are off to a good start, what is required next are some references to past experiences. When you come up with the references, it shows that you remember the incidents or the events as much as your significant other. Those moments are equally important for you and they are etched in your mind as well. Past – Write about the moment you fell in love or the moment when you realized that your love is the perfect choice for you. Present – Write about the little things that your love does for you every day. They must be feeling that all the things go unnoticed, but when you will write about all those moments, it will turn even the mundane of things into a special one. Future – Let your love know where they stand in your life in the future. How you are planning a trip together with your love to ring in the special day together. Just let your love know that you will be there with them always.

* Write a rough draft of love letter

If you are trying your hands for the first time, then it is better you write down your thoughts on a rough note first. Once you are done with the writing, you can go through the love letter and mark questions wherever you feel you should make the necessary changes before drafting a final note. You can always go back and organize your words accordingly when you have all your thoughts out in the open. When you are trying to address some issue or putting across some questions that is bothering you, then it is better to write a rough note before drafting the final letter. That way you will be able to organize the vulnerable thoughts in a proper manner. You have really exposed your heart out, but if you don’t frame the sentences correctly, then it can be a complete mess. So, a rough note might save your day.

* Quotes can save the day

Running out of words? Don’t panic; take the help of some lovely quotes that are available. Nobody questions your feelings here if you can choose an apt quote. While using the quotes you must remember to use the quotes that remind you of your love. Don’t use just about any quote, then it will lose the personal touch. It doesn’t matter whose words you are using as long as the feelings are your own. It can be time-consuming, but if you really love someone and wants to make them feel special then you will have to walk that extra mile.

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* Write about the memory you shared

When you are in a relationship with someone, then it is quite obvious that both of you have some cherished memories with each other. While writing a love letter, you can recall those memories and let them relive those memories all over again. While going through the letter your girlfriend might ask you questions related to the events, so be prepared for that. Life is all about sharing these little moments together and as long as you will cherish those little moments, your love will still be alive. So, through your love letter, you can always remind your love of all the lovely memories that both of you have cherished for so long. The questions won't die out soon and neither will be the spark in her eyes.

* Make your love fall in love with themselves

It is easy to love someone with all your heart for years, but it is equally important that we don’t stop loving ourselves. If you feel that your significant other has stopped loving themselves, then it is the perfect time to write a letter and let them know what they are missing out. Once you will let them know why you fell in love with your significant other, then they will also realize what they have been neglecting. Appreciate them about their caring nature, how they look and how wonderful their personality is. When you will start complimenting on the looks, they will start taking care of their looks even more. When they will start loving themselves through your letter, their love for you will increase manifold as well.

* No need to worry about the length

It is not important to write a long love letter rather you can try to write a short and sweet love letter. It is important to convey the message and if you can do it within a paragraph, then there is no need to write a page long love letter. If you have nothing to say, then don’t write irrelevant things to fill up the paper, just end it right away with a perfect closing line. Don’t end your letter abruptly. While writing to her you can always open up and say things that you are not able to say it on the face. If there is something that is bothering you, then you can write it down, but while writing you must keep it in mind that it should not hurt your love. While expressing your concern if your letter is becoming a long affair, then fret not, your love will be interested in knowing what’s going on in your mind, so the length won’t matter at all.

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* Write the love letter keeping them in mind

Sometimes we end up writing things that we would love to hear, but it is not necessary that they would also love to hear the same thing. So, when you have decided to write a love letter, write it in a way that they will appreciate. While writing, keep in mind how they communicate and how they express their love for you. It will help you in understanding their thought process and you will be able to write a well thought of love letter that will strike the right chord with your significant other.

* No fancy thing is a must

If you are not able to lay your hand on some fancy paper or pen to write down your thoughts, then it’s okay. Don’t stress about these mundane things, rather concentrate on to make the words legible. You can hire a person who has a beautiful handwriting if you have the worst handwriting, but what’s important is that you write straight from your heart. The thoughts are primary, everything else is secondary here.

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