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15 Tips To Keep The Spark In Your Long Distance Relationship

By: Kratika Wed, 28 Oct 2020 3:00 PM

15 Tips To Keep The Spark in Your Long Distance Relationship

One of the toughest kinds of relationships, and yet one of those who everyone wants to experience. Yes, itís a long distance relationship that some people, once in a lifetime, always want. Long distance is something that melts people. It is difficult to maintain one and thatís a very mainstream statement to make. It is the best way to realize the importance of the other person. It shows us the true value of a relationship and the worthiness of the other. It is a test for all those who are strong enough to handle one. And so, here are a few tips and ways by which one can spice up their long distance!

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# Share Everything

This is the most important part of the relationship. Being able to tell the other person how you felt throughout the day might sound a little cliche, but it is the best you could do. But yes, don't force them into knowing EACH AND EVERYTHING.

Like seriously, no. Nobody wants to have an absolutely unnecessary conversation like that. Other than what happened above, you should be able to tell each other everything else.

# Find Similarities

You might find this too mushy mushy, but no. It actually helps. Do a random 1-10 rating rapid fire round and find out what he/she likes most about what you like too. They might end up liking what you love too. But no, don't expect your boyfriend to rate clothes and accessories. If you want to, give him an option of going negative on numbers.

# Use Different Social Platforms To Communicate

This is an absolutely fun thing to do. Make use of all kinds of social platforms whenever necessary. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Stalk each other like maniacs, tag each other on posts you can relate to. It's a great feeling to relate to things, on a serious note. Sometimes what you can't say, the posts say. This makes a relationship stronger from time to time!

# Give Importance

Listen to what the other person has to say. You can't go on and on about what you want and what your opinion is. And even if you do, don't impose it on them. This take a wrong turn when the relationship is only one sided. Nobody wants a relationship like that. Make sure whatever you say, you're doing that and at the same time you're exploring something new about them. Don't let go of that opportunity.

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# Give Space

THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Let the other person breathe. If they want to go out, let them. If they don't want to text you for some time, let that be it. Don't make a fuss out of small issues. Sometimes, even if it's the hard truth, the fact is that we need ourselves more than we need our better halves. Sometimes your importance defines your relationship. What you need is probably more important that what the relationship needs at the moment.

One of the biggest problems that come up are boyfriends (even girlfriends sometimes) telling their better halves to not dress up the way they do. IT'S A BIG NO NO TO THAT. Dress up the way you want to. Dress up for yourself. Make sure what you do makes you happy because that's how you'll be able to keep the relationship working. And stay away from people who tell you what to do.

# Learn From Each Other's Mistakes

It's natural, it's a tradition/ritual or whatever you call it, to commit a mistake. Don't keep reminding your partner about their horrible past and how their habits make you feel ashamed or embarrassed. There's always a place and time to say things and definitely a way of expressing them. Avoid this:

A: I don't even know why weíre fighting anymore. I thought we were talking about why I couldn't get an A on this test.

B: Look at you wanting to talk only about your problems. Where am I in this? Am I a cat?

# Take Decisions Together

Everyone in a serious relationship would understand this. With the growth of the relationship, people start to understand that they have some responsibility and duty towards their partners. And so, taking decisions becomes very important. Talk about things. Talk about lifelong goals and make sure that you help each other decide what you want. This helps one develop their relationship their own way.

# Support Each Other in Tough Times

Whoever is in a long distance would know the true meaning of this bad times don't ask and come.í Yes, one knows the true value of time. And on a serious note, bad things happen anyway. The only key to preventing such situations from happening is to be there for each other regardless of how bad your day was. If you can't make the other person happy, you can't bring happiness in your relationship either.

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# Adjust According To Nature

Yes, finding similarities is a part of your relationship but that doesnít mean that whatever your nature is, might be your partnerís nature too. No, everyone is different and so is their thinking. If you think youíre able to adjust with someone who is different from you in different ways then your relationship will grow without boundaries.

# Trust Each Other

This is too mainstream but true. Be there for each other when you need each other the most. Everyone makes a mistake for which you stop trusting them. But if youíre looking for ways to make your relationship stronger, then make sure you also see how much effort your partner is making in order to gain your trust back. Please donít make them feel like they committed a crime. Itís really very immature to get in between all those mistakes from the past in your present fights. Stop that.

# Send Letters and Gift

Random smiles and random moments of happiness. Trust me, youíre never going to forget them for the rest of your life. Let your partner know that no matter what, youíre still thinking about them. And you like their habits and the way they are.

# Compromise

Adjust to what the other person has to say. Sometimes what youíre saying can be less reasonable than what your partner wants to say. And thereís no harm in that. You should be able to compromise with what you feel sometimes. I might not give you temporary satisfaction, but for the long run, itíll be best.

# Set Targets

For a long term relationship and for something you feel is going to last, set some goals. Of course, your goals can be short term. And only and only if youíre able to hit the success line of these goals will you be able to face your long term goals. Serious lovers, this is seriously serious.

spark in long distance relationship,tips for spark in your long distance relationship,long distance relationship tips,mates and me

# Keep Your Word

If you said something, make sure you do that. A lot of times in relationships one simply runs away from their responsibility thinking that ëitís alright, maybe he/she will forget about it.í No, nobody forgets anything. And they probably donít even say anything to you because they let that go and you, here also need to be particular about what you say.

# Avoid Ego

Seriously, if itís your fault, admit it. No oneís pulling you back for that. Man up and accept what youíve done. If you shy away from what you did now, thereís no turning back later.

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