5 Amazing Kisses To Let The Mood Begin

By: Pinki Wed, 09 Oct 2019 12:07 PM

5 Amazing Kisses To Let The Mood Begin

What’s the fun in verbally communicating when you can express thousand times better and effectively through kisses. When heavy, lust-filled eyes aren’t enough, kisses that spice-up your sexual act even more are the key. Here are 5 such kisses that will instantly spice-up your act.

* Earlobe Kiss

Did you know that one of the most erogenous body parts of most of them men is their earlobes. So, nipping and gently biting the edges of his ears will not only send him off the edge but also take your act to next level for sure. You can even use this one to give him a green signal for intimacy and thirst to take things forward.

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* Nibble Kiss

One of the erotic kisses, nibble kiss is an art – done in the right amount on the right erogenous areas of your partner’s body. If you are in a mood of going raw and rough in the carnal act, nibbling kiss is the right mode of expression! The sensation that your teeth will give to his nerves will drive him crazy.

* Love-Bite Kiss

There is more of sucking than kissing in love-bite kisses. When passion and carnal heat is pleasantly ‘too-much-to-bear’, love-bite kisses are natural reactions. They are never disappointing… that’s where one gets hickeys from! *Wink*

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* Single-Lip Kiss

When a gentle innocent lip-lock has gone several steps ahead, it evolves into a single lip kiss – a kind of foreplay that you would not mind extending for long as it leads to ‘home run’. Shore-line to the sea of ecstasy, single-lip kiss will make you want to go for a ‘dip’!

* French Kiss

Least to say, this particular kiss involved plenty of tongue. French kiss can be considered as a passionate start to an erotic journey. Steamy and sensuous, a French kiss will definitely make you and your partner crave for more.

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