5 Amazing Ways To De-Stress Yourself

By: Pinki Mon, 29 Oct 2018 4:27 PM

5 Amazing Ways To De-Stress Yourself

When you feel the everyday stress is getting too much to handle, the best thing to do is to find some kind of distraction. It could be in the form of engaging in social media, binge-watching your favourite TV shows, indulging in a spa session or signing up for a dance class. You can also go socialize or bury a hole under your blankets in an effort to escape. It might seem unhealthy to some but everyone has different ways to heal, so take your time. Here are some ways you can de-stress.

* Gossip and Rant

Gossiping is said to be a good distraction from your current problems. This works like magic in the workspace, where work pressure could get to you. But don’t get too carried away with all the rumours and baseless comments or you might end in trouble with colleagues or bosses. Talking it out aka ranting and gossiping with friends and family who understand your pressure and feelings will help you feel better than before.

* Be a Cleanliness Freak

Many people tend to get into a cleaning phase to de-stress; this is a subconscious way to clean up their lives. This works wonders since it keeps you distracted, while you direct all your anxiety towards the cleaning process. Scrubbing away at floors, kitchen stoves and rearranging furniture brings in a sense of some order into your chaotic life. The process of clearing your surroundings be at work, office or home makes you feel more in control of your emotions and actions.

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* Screech & Scream

You can either go quiet or scream at the top of your lungs. Screaming and howling and yelling helps you let out all those pent-up feelings and emotions. It also takes up a lot of your energy thus making your brain tired and not really in the mood to overthink about problems. You can always try screaming into a pillow but it’s better to let you hear your own voice to convince your brain that you’re actually trying to calm down. The trick is to trick your own brain.

* Destroy

Not everything, but mostly small things that are inexpensive. tearing up pieces of paper or punching a pillow or throwing things around (just like how they show it the movies) will help you release energy. Cursing and swearing or just ranting about the problem/ people bugging you will also be an added bonus to relieve specific stress. Many de-stress workshops and joints have special areas where people are allowed to break and destroy things with proper equipment!

* Clash and Curse

Another weird but sure way to de-stress is to play the game of bumping and cursing. So all you need to do is close your eyes and stumble around your home, bump into furniture and everytime you hit something, curse aloud. Make sure there isn’t anything dangerous lying around that could harm you. All you need is some furniture to bump and clash against to feel human and then rant about it. Cursing like a sailor definitely helps everyone!

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