5 Benefits Of Physical Intimacy

By: Sandeep Sat, 13 Jan 2018 11:47 AM

5 Benefits of Physical Intimacy

How important is physical intimacy in a relationship and what does it really mean? Being physically intimate means more than simply heading to the bedroom with your spouse. Physical intimacy can range from eye-contact, holding hands, cuddling, and of course, sex.

Physical intimacy involves a deep emotional connection that is strengthened when you are in close sensual proximity to your spouse. Touching, both romantically and otherwise, can help strengthen this bond.

* Expression of love

One of the biggest reasons why physical intimacy is important in a relationship is because this is one of the foremost ways in which partners express their love for one another. When a relationship lacks sexual chemistry and physical affection it is likely to fail.

* Intimacy reduces stress

Being physically intimacy in a relationship helps lower blood pressure and reduce stress responses in the brain. And it isn’t just sex. Studies show that other forms of physical intimacy, such as hugging or hand-holding, can trigger the release of oxytocin.

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* Builds trust

Logically, trust is built over time when a couple gets to know one another’s true loyalty, patterns, and behavior. But in the heart, or should we say brain, trust is often triggered by the release of oxytocin.

* Boosts your immune system

Physical intimacy in a relationship creates benefits both mentally and physically. Being intimate with your spouse can actually have a direct effect on your immune system.

* Raises morale

Research abounds revealing how sex can boosts morale. One study even puts a monetary value on it, suggesting that couples who have sex once a week gain a bigger morale boost than they would if they earned an additional $50,000 a year.

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