5 Heartbreaking Reasons That Lead To Divorce

By: Pinki Thu, 13 Feb 2020 1:06 PM

5 Heartbreaking Reasons That Lead To Divorce

“Happily ever after…” The words sound magical. When taking the wedding vows, we look forward to a fairytale life with our partner. It is only after a couple of years, in some cases just a few months, that reality sets in. Those romantic outings, date nights, and red rose bouquets all seem to have happened in some distant past.

Many of us come out of fantasies and accept reality because there still are certain good things in our marriage. But there are some who would feel suffocated in the relationship and see divorce as the only solution for their marital problems.But what are the causes of divorce? Are people’s reasons valid enough or do they simply want to find a way out of the relationship? We give you the top reasons for divorce and explains the legal grounds on which divorce is granted.

* Extramarital affairs

You may have promised your spouse to be loyal to him forever and he may have vowed the same to you. Down the years, these promises could get blurred. You or your husband may have met somebody who generated interest in you or you thought he was giving you something that you expected from your husband.According to a study, 27% of divorces happen due to cheating. Infidelity will leave a long-lasting scar on a person’s psyche, and may make him suspect his future partner as well.

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* Finances

No matter how much you love each other, you need to be practical and calculate your finances. The initial days could be smooth, but once you burn up your savings, you will realize that life is not all cool. If your husband is unemployed, or you have a mounting loan, you could be so bogged down by money matters that you cannot see any love lost between you two.Also, if you believe in savings for your future and your husband is a spendthrift, it creates a rift.

* Physical and emotional abuse

This is a serious problem, which makes it necessary for the victim to end the marriage. In fact, 34% of the divorces take place due to verbal, physical, or emotional abuse. The scars are visible in physical abuse, but the marks left by verbal and emotional torture are invisible yet agonizing. In some cases, both the husband and wife could be abusive, hurling expletives, and hitting each other.

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* Lack of communication

We tend to get so busy with our children and careers that the most important person in our life gradually becomes the least important. We hardly get time to talk to each other. When was the last time you told him that you love him? We take things for granted until the relationship reaches a point of no return.

* Not meeting the expectations

So, if you thought that your husband will be a Greek god forever, you will be disappointed to know that he cannot always be as handsome and neat as he was when you were dating him.Also, back then he would have been the perfect guy out of a Hollywood movie, being chivalrous or personifying orderliness. A few months into marriage you could realize that he can also be unorganized – in fact, more often than not.

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