5 Intimacy Benefits Of Going To Gym

By: Pinki Tue, 21 May 2019 12:23 PM

5 Intimacy Benefits of Going to Gym

Hitting the gym regularly has its own benefits. Other than looking and feeling fitter, there are some obvious benefits of pumping all those muscles up. Don’t you think it has something to do with how much longer you can go in bed? Or suddenly you can try that tricky sex position easily? Or how sex feels different now? Here are some subtle sex benefits from going to the gym!

* Aids in Testosterone Levels

Gyming helps to increase your testosterone levels aka the hormones that turn you on and make you feel sexy. The more the flow of your hormones after all that pushing pulling and stretching in the gym. Research also shows that women who gym regularly have better orgasms and are more pleasurable partners in bed.

* Increases Stamina Levels

Working out aids in pumping more blood and other hormones in your body. This helps increase your stamina and how you perform in the gym as well as in bed. Regular exercise helps keep your energy levels steady thus boosting in bed.

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* Controls Breathing

Learning how to balance your breathing is the most essential lesson you pick up from yoga and exercising. This is beneficial for you since you aren’t panting and huffing after just starting the show. You can take your time and enjoy the moment without losing control of your breathing patterns.

* Boosts Self Esteem

If you’re hitting the gym, you’re for sure trying to get fitter. Maybe you were unhealthy or obese and now working out helps you resolve those self-esteem issues that are holding you back in terms of having sex. Having a leaner body with or without all those muscles makes you feel better about showing off your body.

* Reduces Stress

Doesn’t it feel good to run on the treadmill or punch or kickbox and let all the stress out? Stress levels are in control from the flow of blood to the brain and for eating a balanced diet. Working off your stress in the gym will help you relax and enjoy your sexy time in the bedroom without any worries.

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