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5 Intimacy Tips For Couples In Long Distance Relationship

By: Sandeep Mon, 27 Nov 2017 2:58 PM

5 Intimacy Tips For Couples in Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are one of the hardest ways of relationships. When you and your partner live hundreds to thousands of miles apart, it’s a lot harder to satisfy that desire for sex than if you lived together or just across town from each other. Those in long-distance relationships know all about this, and kudos to you for making it work, as we all know how hard LDRs are.

* Cybersex

At the most basic level in keeping your sex life steamy if you’re in an LDR, there is sending photos and videos through our phones or through a more temporary method, such as Snapchat, as well as interfacing on Skype or FaceTime.

* Get yourself some toys

It can be fun and sexy and alleviate that sexual tension you have while apart.

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* Long-distance sex toys

It’s just one of the many sex toys that allow one partner to use the sex toy while the other partner controls it through a mobile app. You can share in the experience together. Although only one of you is stimulated with the sex toy, it’s still a sexy way to keep your LDR steamy.

* Teledildonics

It uses smart technology and teledildonics to allow both partners to experience sexual stimulation at the same time, explains Lords. The Onyx is used for a partner with a penis, and the Pearl is meant for a partner with a vulva — which means that any couple can use the sex toy that works for their body.

* Clone your privates for your bae

Almost as good as the real thing, the Clone-a-Pussy vagina-casting kit allows anyone with a vagina to create an exact replica of the outer portion of their vagina for their partner. It’s sexy, fun and totally safe. When you’re back together, you can even use it with foreplay.

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