5 Intimate Games To Help You Seduce Your Man

By: Pinki Fri, 27 Sept 2019 11:33 AM

5 Intimate Games To Help you Seduce Your Man

It is natural to wish a way out of the monotonous cycle of sex. Exhilarating and thunder struck in the beginning followed by slow love making and continued to rare sex. Do you want to get back in the game and strike a scintillating victory? Then opt for a naughty routine or cheeky game to get the both of you on the same page. Here are 5 quirky ways to seduce your man to bring heaven on earth.


Get some flame in the room by playing a couple of naughty games to start the engine. Choose a cozy spot in your room and make your man comfortable by seating him right in front of you. Play an erotic song such as ‘Earned it’ by weekend or even Birthday sex by Jeremih to tantalize the atmosphere and gracefully move for him and touch yourself. Begin by taking off your bra seductively from underneath your clothes to leave him wanting and follow your instincts.

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Drop down at an adult product store to grab a few playful equipments for your partner. To be more explicit, purchase sex toys that won’t let the fire flicker in the room. Toys such as perineum stimulator (for him), massage candle (melts into a luxurious massage oil.) and a bondage kit (if you are into the kinky stuff) or a quirky game of dice with each facet of it has one sexual action in store for the recipient. A risqué game will get you places, trust me.


A good old game of ‘NEVER HAVE I EVER’ can surely lighten up the mood but making it sexually suggestive will take it to level of squirming fun, if you know what I mean? Alter the game by changing a few rules like substituting gulping of a drink to removing a piece of clothing. This can result in a temperature past the boiling point waiting to erupt.

intimate games,ways to seduce your man,intimacy tips,relationship tips


Dirty talking is a common way of initiating sex between people looking for action. Ask your partner to verbally tell you about all the things he would want to do to you and vice versa. Tell him with conviction and passion about everything that’ll arouse you and that will get you craving for him. Create a land of fantasy, a scene where nothing is impossible to achieve. Discover a mice-en-scene in your head and leave it to your imagination to take control of your body.


Emulate or exchange your roles with a hypothetical one, for example, a hot nurse or repair man. Imitate someone who piques your interest and is a promising turn on. Do it if you feel comfortable and it isn’t necessary to push it. Get into the character to beguile your partner.

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