5 Kisses You Must Try With Your Partner

By: Pinki Wed, 23 Oct 2019 1:31 PM

5 Kisses You Must Try With Your Partner

Communication has helped us social beings in expressing ourselves and according to our texts, flesh and bones have their own language and this language expresses itself in a variety of manners. One such form of expression is a kiss. Even though it is not universally prevalent, it traces back to the tradition of ‘Kiss feeding’ where the mothers pass masticated food from their mouth to their infant and this has developed into an innate characteristic. This erotic expression of love and lust disguises itself in assorted ways. Below are 5 different types of kisses you should experiment!


Planting a gentle kiss on your partner’s forehead will leave them secure and appreciated. It expresses your admiration and respect for your mate as well as assurance. This is usually expressed between your loved ones, be it your boyfriend or even in a platonic relationship.

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A soft kiss on the cheek accompanied by caressing their arms or even their shoulder expresses a positive and friendly move.


Also known as a gentleman’s kiss? The XX species drools for this. The exhilaration that passes down your spine when a lad kisses the backside of your hand while keeping eye contact is perfection personified. It has a tinge of lust as well as acknowledgment of his/her intentions deep in their eyes.

kisses,kisses  to try with partner,intimacy tips


An amorous move made by a partner, which includes gentle nibbling of the ear and kissing around it. It is known to be one of the most romantic kisses. The neck is an erogenous zone, especially for the ticklish ones. It is a sign or a green signal for intimacy and thirst for togetherness.


A foreplay that you wouldn’t mind extending for long as it leads into homerun. A playful yet enticing kiss which is meant for teasing as well as engulfing yourselves in each other’s ocean of ecstasy.

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