5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Intimacy

By: Pinki Wed, 09 Oct 2019 12:14 PM

5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Intimacy

You have an amazing sex life and a super-amazing sex-partner. But one can make certain mistakes that can easily mellow-down sexual desire that has already been ignited in his/her partner’s sexual desire. Here are 5 sex-related mistakes that can kill the excitement.

* Routine In Sex

The worst one can do to his/her sex-life is keeping a routine for sex! Routine in sex means having a non-verbal pre-planned prescription for sex which can easily irk any person. This is often found in couples who have a hectic everyday-work schedule, who have to commute a lot in between office and home, etc. Variations add spice in sex-life; embrace them!

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* Overthinking

Your partner is absolutely in mood, has left all the worries of the world aside and is focused completely on how to make most of the consented moment with you. How would it feel if you are in his shoes and he is having multiple and lengthy thoughts in-between the ‘act’? Overthinking is not only one of the biggest turn-offs but also can cause tiffs between you two. Just look into his eyes or close yours and let the carnal fire spread throughout.

* Nonsense Non-Sex Talks

One of the biggest distractions in intercourse is talking senseless! Maybe he is nervous, or maybe he likes to talk nonsense that will douse the already ignited carnal fire inside you. Dirty, sexual talks are super turn-on, especially when done with the right pauses and nibbling here and there… but nonsense blabber should shut right away!

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* Work In Bed

Never… Never ever take your office work to your bed, especially when you sense your partner is excited and is trying his level best to seduce you. Your partner does not deserve and it will also put emotional rifts between you two. Out of your whole day this is the only private time to be spent with your partner, make the most of it.

* Over-Dominance/Over-Submissive

Dominance or submission in sex is loved by many but only when they are done in the right amount. Over dominance will make your partner uncomfortable and over submission will bore your partner easily. Keep a balance – be a tease, fuel the fire with this balance.

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