5 Reasons Why Mens Are Attracted Towards Boobs

By: Pinki Wed, 30 May 2018 01:14 AM

5 Reasons Why Mens Are Attracted Towards Boobs

Men love boobs. Yes, it’s a simple, proven fact and may I dare to say that women are almost as obsessed with their own breasts as men are? Many a times, you may notice your man feasting on your breasts with his eyes or just treating himself with a fleeting look at them. It’s absolutely natural and moreover, you like it. No, don’t you deny the fact! However, what is it about these body parts that fascinates the opposite sex? Let’s find out.

* It’s Biological

Duhh! It’s nature’s law that straight men will find a woman’s body attractive. Furthermore, it is but obvious that they will be infatuated with the sexual organs of the opposite sex. Men find breasts extremely beautiful and love to touch, feel and play with them. It kick-starts with the inquisitiveness of being able to touch body parts that they do not possess. Sexual attraction is bound to happen!

* Breasts Represent Female Sexuality

Breast play is a vital element in foreplay. Breast, especially the nipples are extremely sensitive and can arouse a woman to infinity if handled or rather fondled with skill. Breasts being a symbol of female sexuality, become difficult to resist!

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* The Softest Pillow

Breasts are nothing but a mass of flesh. There is no straight man who wouldn’t like to rest his head on a woman’s chest. Listening to her heart beat is extremely soothing and there is not a softer surface present to fall asleep onto.

* Mode Of Comfort

When men are depressed or feel absolutely shattered and broken down, there is one place which can comfort them most – burying their face into a woman’s chest. Hugs and cuddling prove to be an effective remedy to relieve stress and drive pain or sorrow away temporarily.

* Breasts Can Add To A Woman’s Poise

Who doesn’t love perky breasts? The answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Cleavage is perceived as a symbol of hotness by men. There can be no cleavage without breasts. A good posture with shapely breasts always adds to a woman’s poise, which men find very attractive.

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