5 Reasons You Must Go For Blindfold Intimacy

By: Pinki Wed, 27 Nov 2019 12:00 PM

5 Reasons You Must Go For Blindfold Intimacy

Blindfolds just might be the sexiest thing to bring in to your bedroom. It’ll not only just spice up things in the bedroom but in fact, will create deeper trust and intimacy.Blindfolding your partner will not only create a higher sex drive but will as well make you irresistible for him. Here are 5 right reasons why you must try blindfold sex tonight!

* It’ll spice things up in the bedroom

Won’t it fell amazingly pleasing when he is doing sexy things to you and you can’t even guess what his next move will be. Or you teasing him with a little touch here and there and can’t get a hold of you. If you looking to spice up things in the bed, then blindfolds might just be the baby step you take.

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* Shutting down one’s sense intensifies others

Just a simple touch like him brushing his fingers on your thighs goes from standard to electric when you can’t see him. It’s not only you who gets excited for him to touch you again in these ways, but arouses him as well to see you wanting more of him. When you can’t see, all sensations you fell will become much more intense.

* It increases trust between partners

You’ll only be wanting to try this with someone you trust. It strengthens your bond with him. And with every new and pleasure move, you feel closer and safe with your guy which in turn makes even the sighted sex so much better.

blindfold intimacy,intimacy tips,relationship tips

* It adds an element of surprise

When you can’t see whats coming next, every little thing he does will surprise you. Having sex blindfolded is the perfect time to bring things like a feather, oil, ice etc. play a little game with them- run them all over their body but don’t tell whats coming next. Keep them quivering with anticipation!

* It puts you in controBlindfolding your partner puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s your ride, take it where ever you want to! It changes up the dynamic in a sexy way. You are in charge and they trust their entire body to you. And guess what you may even like to be the one in charge.

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