5 Signs That Show A Bad Relationship

By: Pinki Fri, 21 Feb 2020 9:36 PM

5 Signs That Show a Bad Relationship

Everyone craves for a healthy and fulfilling relationship that uplifts, empowers, and brings out the best in them. No one wants a bad one that drains out the energy and sucks out the peace and happiness from life.

Whatever the reason, a bad relationship could leave you and your partner constantly feeling unhappy with each other. If you are both trying to spend more time apart than together, then the chances are that you are in a bad relationship.In this post, we tell you about the possible causes and indicators of a bad relationship and ways to deal with it for you and your partner’s benefit.

* You always walk on eggshells around each other

In a good relationship, you and your partner would be comfortable with each other. You will not just be lovers; you’ll be each others’ best friends too. But in a bad relationship, you always try to hide your true selves fearing judgment or ridicule from the partner. You are in constant fear of how your actions would change your partner’s mood.

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* Every conversation would end in a fight

Even a simple discussion about ‘what to have for dinner’ could blow up and end in a fight. It may seem like no conversation ever ends on a positive note. Couples in bad relationships do not need a specific reason to fight. Anything and everything can spark an argument that ends in bitterness and blaming each other.

* You do not trust each other

Whether it is due to an episode of infidelity or something else, couples in bad relationships find it difficult to trust each other. Lack of trust is often the root cause of many problems in a relationship and leads to extreme behavior like spying on each other or hiding important aspects of each others’ life. This also makes it impossible to share your fears or dreams.

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* You fantasize being single

This is one of the many side-effects of being in a bad relationship. If you are in a failing relationship for longer than you should, you may wonder if relationships are worth the time at all. You start to imagine how your life would be without your partner. The thought persists even after you brush it off initially, and eventually, make you long for the happy times and freedom you’ve had when you were single.

* Misunderstandings become the norm

Even in a normal and healthy relationship, disagreements are bound to be there. But in a healthy relation, these fade eventually as the couple gets to know each other and moves towards understanding each other better. But in a bad relationship, the partners overthink and fight, and never try to reach the phase of better understanding.

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