5 Things To Consider Before Marriage

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5 Things To Consider Before Marriage

Marriage is an important deal and if you need to be prepared for this huge step. There will be many obstacles in your path and you will only work your way out after talking to your partner about everything and anything. From talking about money matters to choosing to work even after marriage, here are 5 deal breakers you need to sort out before you even dream of a future with him.

* Trust

What’s the point of even thinking of a future with him if he doesn’t even trust you? It is important that both of you trust each other and only then proceed with this relationship. A trusting relationship will last for decades even if there is no compatibility. Find out if he actually trusts you and your opinions in any matter. This will show if he respects you and what he thinks of you as an individual.

* Money

As much as we’d like to say love is more important than the money we all know it is not true at all. Money is important, and if you plan on a future together, it’s high time you start talking about finance with your man. You need to discuss your money plans openly and frankly or else it’ll affect your relationship even after marriage. Money can be a sensitive topic but avoiding it altogether will create more trouble for you.

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* Family

One of the tricky topics is family. It could be his or yours, but in the end family is family. With nuclear families trending, letting go of your parents and accepting his can be a task. You also need to be mindful of his views on your family. Attending family functions and parties on either side needs to be discussed prior to even involving your families.

* Friends

We can have a weird bunch of friends. School, college or work friends, they’re all pals that you enjoy spending time with. So if your partner doesn’t like your friends, clear the issue out ASAP. You need not sacrifice your best friends for him, just because he is jealous of them. Either he needs to learn to work out his pettiness or let you go.

* Work

You are a modern day woman and can choose to work. He should be okay with it and support you happily. Working couples are more in control of their lives and know how to manage their finances and their relationship as well. Plus you’ll be earning some much-needed money for the two of you!

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