5 Things You Must Ask Before Getting Married

By: Pinki Tue, 22 Jan 2019 11:36 AM

5 Things You Must Ask Before Getting Married

Everyone around you seems to be getting married right? Your friends, Bollywood celebrities, maybe even you! Marriage is a sacred way of showing the world that you’ve found your soulmate and have decided to stay with them permanently. But before you walk down the aisle, have you talked about these important factors? They are very relevant and influence just your life, your marriage and your future with them.

* Kids

If you don’t want kids immediately, then talk it out before marriage. Family planning is necessary. Consensual intercourse will help strengthen the bond you both have. Use contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies if you both think it’s not the right time for kids just yet. It’s best to plan for kids once you discuss matters like finance, careers, and other factors that can influence your entire family’s life.

* Sex

One of the most important things – Sex. Talking and communicating about sex is super important right before marriage. It helps to know if your partner is clean and doesn’t have STDs or other diseases. This is important for both your health, the marriage, and future family plans. You don’t need to have sex right on the first day of your marriage. It’s all about being comfortable enough with each other to initiate any physical contact.

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* Careers

You need to talk about careers and how things will work from now. Its the 21st century and women are equally capable of holding top positions while staying married. So talk things out with your partner and understand if they will cause a hindrance in your career later on. Being financially independent while pursuing your career is a good sign and should be a motivator for your partner to settle down with you.

* Finances

Discussing money is essential. Since you are ready to tie the knot, it also means you will share your finances and bills and start planning your own future. Joun accounts, salary, savings, investments, households expenses, etc needed to be cleared out. It’s best to discuss who pays what bills beforehand rather than make a fuss later on.

* Health

Inform your partner about any major health problems, diseases, or symptoms. It is a cause of worry to everyone in the family and influences your future with them. Hiding any serious health problems from your partner before marriage will cast doubt on your sincerity in this relationship and give way to trust issues in the marriage later on.

* Friends

This might seem silly but is very necessary in today’s world. You need to talk about your friends and social circle when it comes to marriage. With social media connecting people around the world, you just don’t know who could be related to your partner. Exes, frenemies could very well end up being your family if you don’t share your friends’ list. Take them out to meet your friends and help everyone get along for the sake of your marriage. It is unfair for you to have to choose between your marriage and best friends, so try and keep a healthy balance among both. And if you can’t find a balance, enjoy these social circles separately and have the best of both worlds.

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