5 Tips To Have Amazing Intimacy

By: Pinki Wed, 08 May 2019 12:30 PM

5 Tips To Have Amazing Intimacy

You’re in the mood to get laid but the timing just isn’t right? And things could get really awkward later if you’re a screamer when you have guests or roommates right in the next room! You could always invest in a white noise machine that will drown out those screams of pleasure. But before that, try out these tips to have a silent but mind-blowing sex with your lover.

* Make It Into A Game

Turn your sex time into a game – who can stay the quietest and who succumbs first to the urge to scream in joy. Quiet sex actually increases your intimacy and helps you keep your full attention on your partner and in pleasing them. Your goal can be to see how to make new silent sex moves and sneaky plans to please them. Sex toys and role-playing can help you keep things down low. Leave the lights on so you don’t need to scream in affirmation but show them how good the sex is instead.

* Control Your Breathing

It’s quieter while breathing through your nose instead of your mouth. Breathing through your nose also boosts your sexual movements. It moves your pelvic floor and core muscles affecting your orgasmic feelings. It can be difficult to not scream while everything in your body feels amazing but try and exhale loudly instead. Plus breathing out hard will clench your insides making things even more interesting.

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* Pick A Different Room

Instead of the regular bedroom, move the sex to a different room and see the difference. Having a sexual moment in other parts of the room that is away from guests, children or roommates can be quite satisfying, literally. A good idea is to take your sex to the shower where the spray of water can muffle any sounds from your wild time.

* Slo-Mo Sex

Go for slo-mo sex moves instead of the wild rough ones. Slow and intimate sex can drive you crazy with need and moans. Slow motion touching, stroking and foreplay will only add to the pleasure. You might want to scream and shout when you’re at the peak of an orgasm, but cover your mouth or kiss your partner in full enthusiasm or bite into your hand to muffle your sounds. These acts might seem very sexy to your partner and end up making you guys ready for round 2.

* Choose The Right Bed

Finding the right bed for sleeping is a must. But don’t forget about the perfect for all those sexy nights. Invest right in the mattress with springs so there are less squeaking and less movement. If you want something old school, go for pile pillows and blankets on the floor. No headboards whatsoever if you want quiet sex. Keep it away from the wall to reduce the thudding sounds and avoid creaky floors. Make sure your bed is secure and has noise free joints.

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