5 Unique Ways To Show Love To Your Wife

By: Pinki Tue, 11 Feb 2020 12:51 PM

5 Unique Ways To Show Love To Your Wife

When you first went on date with her, you had butterflies in your stomach. When you decided to propose to her, you were a nervous wreck, and when you married her, you felt like the happiest man on earth!

Such are the feelings when you are new in love or just got married. As time passes by, your love and respect for your wife increases but you may not express it often. However, subtly or otherwise, romance does happen through the simple everyday tasks that you do together.

So, what are those simple yet special things that you can do to be romantic with your wife? We tell you 5 ways to be romantic with your wife. Here are a few things that you can do. You will be surprised that you are already doing most of them. And the ones that you aren’t, you may try them now because it is never too late to be romantic!

* Spend time with her

If she often complains about you being busy, then surprise her by taking out some time just for her. It could be a few hours or one whole day. Dedicate it to her, snooze your work, toss your mobile away and pay her your undivided attention. Look into her eyes, hold her hand, and go with the flow. This is all it takes to be romantic with your wife. Isn’t it simple?

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* Be vocal about your feelings

Husbands mostly believe, “She needs to feel my love, I don’t have to say it aloud.” While this may be true, she would want you to occasionally reassure her just as she does to you. So, share your feelings with her, tell her how her presence is making your life beautiful, and make her feel special.

* Watch a movie of her choice

Book tickets for a movie of her favorite star or genre and take her. You can keep this as a surprise. If you want to make movie-watching more romantic, set up a private theater in your bedroom, switch off all the lights, cuddle together and watch it.

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* Cook her favorite dinner

As she comes home from work, tired and worried about preparing the dinner, surprise her by keeping it all ready. Let her have a relaxing shower, while you set the table. Put some candles and flowers to enhance the romantic effect. But make sure you are cleaning up the kitchen too.

* Ask her to dress up the way you like

Women love to dress up and look pretty, especially for their husband. You can add romance to it by asking her to get ready the way you want. Either surprise her with a new dress or search her closet and pick something of your choice. When she is done, we are sure you cannot take your eyes off her.

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