5 Ways To Enjoy Intimacy During Vacation

By: Pinki Tue, 26 Nov 2019 12:54 PM

5 Ways To Enjoy Intimacy During Vacation

The daily routine and hectic work schedule may dull the spark between you and your partner. It is important to keep the carnal fire burning in a relationship as it is an essential factor that keeps the intimacy alive between the couple. Without sex, a relationship between young partners becomes monotonous and boring. Yes, sex isn’t everything but it is necessary to keep the excitement and fun going. Hence, taking a break and going on a vacation with your partner once in a while is a must! Unwinding, relaxing, spending a romantic time and indulging in hot sex are things which need to be done on vacations. Here are a few ideas amp up your vacation sex and make it hot, hot, hot!

* Pack Lingerie To Glory

Pack plenty of lingerie as there is going to be little time to have your clothes on. Scanty and naughty clothing is the key to heat things up and turn your partner on. Lace lingerie, thongs and satin maxis deserve priority space in your bag.

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* Set Goals

Set goals for your vacation. When we say goals, we obviously mean sexual goals. May it be the number of times to have sex, having sex outdoors or trying out various positions that you haven’t before, set your goals and make sure that you achieve them along with your partner.

* Sensual Massages

What is better to set the mood than a hot erotic massage? Strip down and have your partner massage you and return him the favour. This is going set the temperatures soaring high leading to a sexual frenzy which the two of you’ll would wish for never to end. Light up some scented candles which are perfect for setting a sensual and romantic atmosphere.

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* Keep It Raw, Wild And Passionate

Ignite your sex drive by light up your senses by watching porn together. Go ahead and bring out your wild side by indulging in sex like never before. Get kinky and make use of sex toys and props like blindfolds or handcuffs. This will send your senses to pleasure alley like never before. Romance is necessary but animalistic sex is what the two of you need to light the spark back in your relationship.

* Play A Game

Play strip poker or any game that requires the both of you to take of your clothes piece by piece. Not only will this build up the sexual heat but also make the foreplay much more fun. Role play is a great way of spicing things up. Furthermore, give your man a lap dance. All these things will make your vacation much more fun and memorable.

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