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5 Ways To Make Your Intimacy Life More Spiced Up

By: Pinki Fri, 27 Sept 2019 11:41 AM

5 Ways To Make Your Intimacy Life More Spiced Up

Ever wondered why the passion is missing from your relationship? This is something that happens between all couple as the time passes by! But the main question is who do you reignite that same passion, love and lust for one another that was once there in the beginning of the relationship. Of course it isn’t impossible, all you need is to a few thing to bring back that spice in your relationship and as well in your sexual life.

* Adventure

Fear causes lust! In simple terms, when there is a adrenaline rush between partners, it’ll definitely lead to some passionate love making! So ditch the romantic meal and opt for a more adventurous date. A little bit of adventure in terms of outdoor physical activities can actually be much better than a romantic meal in a restaurant!

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* Flirt

Couples must never give up on flirting. Why stop the chase even though you belong to each other! Introduce an element of flirtation with each other. Smile at each other, make a point of having coffee with one another. Give each other little sexy compliments at time. It’s sure to make your relationship more alive.

* Move It Out

Try taking sex out of the bedroom. Make love in the sitting room with a few candles, in the shower or enjoy a sensuous body massage. Remember that good sex really begins long before you get into bed!

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* Mix It Up

Routine causes boredom. Change things around. Spicing things up doesn’t mean taking out the whips and chains but simply doing something different. Maybe try out anew position tonight or take it to place nice. Organise a dinner date but also book a nice room in the hotel as an after-dinner surprise!

* Share Your Thoughts

Agree on what you both feel is sexually desirable. It’s fine if both of you want to do something rough, as long as it’s mutual it doesn’t matter. When you want to get sex right, open communication is very important!

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