5 Ways To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

By: Pinki Fri, 14 Feb 2020 3:56 PM

5 Ways To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

You ignored the subtle hints, you forcefully silenced the voice inside your head, and turned a blind eye to those glaring red flags.

A relationship cannot be rosy all the time; there will be times when you both have differences. But if you are sweeping these issues under the carpet instead of addressing them, then there will come a time when one of the partners will say “That’s it! I am done,”and walk away.

Divorce is the final step in a relationship. Once a couple gets divorced, there is no going back. So if you think there is still hope for the relationship, or if you still love each other, then do what you must to steer the marriage away from divorce.

* Stop blaming each other

A relationship works or fails because of both the partners and not just one of them. If you want the marriage to work, refrain from saying things like “it is all because of you,” or “you are fortunate that I came back for you.” This will only make them more distant. Instead, try to talk about what you feel and what is bothering you about their actions. Make it about both of you, not one of you.

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* Introspect

Before trying to convince your partner to reconsider their decision, you need to introspect. Take a look at yourself and your behavior within the marriage to understand what you want and why you want them in your life? Where did things go wrong, and what can you do to make it better? When you know the answers to these questions, you’ll have clarity about what to tell your partner and expect from the relationship.

* Be careful of what you say

Your partner has heard and said enough before arriving at this decision. For them to even reconsider changing their stance, they’ll need to hear something optimistic and practical. So be extremely careful about what you tell them. If you blame or play the victim, or ask them to stay because you need them, then chances are they’d want a divorce even more.

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* Accept their side of things

You might be a perfect son, friend, and colleague, but when your partner says you have done something that has hurt them, then you probably did. Even if you disagree, don’t immediately defend yourself and try to shift blame. Arguments that are about finding faults only keep going in a loop. As hard as it may be, admit your mistakes and empathize with your spouse. Apologize if it is your mistake. This will help them reconnect and think for reconciliation.

* Be open to change

If you want your marriage to work, then you need to accept your mistakes and also be willing to change. You need not change your life altogether, but a few behavioral changes could keep the peace in the marriage and make your spouse happy. For example, if you have an addiction, working on it can help you save your marriage. If you have uncontrollable anger, then practicing meditation and yoga can help you keep your temper in check.

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