6 Funny Intimacy Facts

By: Pinki Fri, 13 Oct 2017 2:05 PM

6 Funny Intimacy Facts

Sex! Everyone talks about it and loves it practically, no matter how much they hide or are blunt at. Out of million ways to talk/ share/ read/ write about this subject, one is still unknown to the basic facts related to sex! And believe me, you will laugh, get amazed, giggle and go eww while reading these tiny facts about sex!

Once, at least once, everyone should know these facts related to sex as who wouldn’t love to increase their knowledge?

# Lot Of Data

An average man ejaculates about 15.875 GB worth of data in one ejaculation. So ladies, it’s not just women, who are awesome but men too.

# Attention Ladies

A sperm can live for up to five days in a woman’s Urethra or any place it gets inside you. So, next time you are not planning a baby and thinking about an unprotected sex? Think this! Sorry to kill your pleasure!

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# Sex, A Painkiller

Yes, having sex can increase your pain threshold which would reduce your pain for if you are scratched or hurt yourself physically. Next time you plan a hike or any adventure.. Not to forget – Have lots of sex!

# Unbelievable!

Believe it! During WWI, British spies used Semen as invisible ink to send messages. Yeah, WHAT? Yes and they stopped doing so as it smelled hell once if the semen wasn’t fresh! But why? Don’t they have a mobile factory of semen production 24*7?

# Oral Sex Is Still Healthy Girls!

This might alert few fitness freak chicks here, but let me first tell it’s less than your favorite cupcake, a lot less! Okay, 5 Calories in one tsp of semen!

# Oh, The Speed!

Next time your man ditches you, when you have just began feeling the pleasure, do not blame him for moving out of you – But blame the sperms in semen! A man’s ejaculation happens with the speed of 28 mph, faster than the world record for the 100m sprint, which currently is at 22.9 mph by Usain Bolt.

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