7 Signs You Are Not Ready For Relationship

By: Pinki Sat, 23 Jan 2021 3:45 PM

7 Signs You are Not Ready For Relationship

The idea of being in a relationship may seem awesome. But are you really ready for it? Here are 7 signs that you're not. You will not be able to form a true connection with a new partner if this is the case. Second, until you are over your ex you will probably still be idealizing him and looking for the same qualities he had in someone else. It didn't work with your ex for a reason, so this is not the best way to start your search for a new love.

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# You Have Trust Issues

This is especially important if your last relationship ended badly due to cheating or some form of abuse. Although you may be over your ex, you are probably not ready to get over the horrible things he put you through. Relationships are all about trust. Being cheated on or misused by someone you love really sucks, but in order to experience true love again, you have to forgive and move on from what happened to you in the past. Some signs that you may have trust issues are that you constantly check your boyfriend or girlfriend's texts or Facebook messages, interrogate them about where they have been or who they've been with or don't trust them to go anywhere without you in tow. Having trust issues is not healthy and will prevent you from entering into a successful relationship with someone else. So, learn to let go of the past and don't start dating again until you are finally ready to trust someone new.

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# All Your Past Relationships Have Been The Same

If you find yourself dating the same sort of person over and over again, chances are you are not ready to be serious about dating. Dating someone who is similar in qualities or appearance to your past relationship may seem comfortable, but as stated before, there is a reason why that relationship ended. Maybe he doesn't pay enough attention to you or always has his guy friends over. Whatever it is, if you find yourself in the same old situation that you have always been in with a guy, then you need to take a step back and redefine what you want in a relationship and exactly what you are looking for in a guy. When you're ready, take chances going on a date with someone who may not seem like your type or who is interested in things your ex never was. The worst thing that will happen is you may make some new friends and establish new interests along the way.

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# You Have Never Spent Time Being Single

Have you been bouncing from relationship to relationship without even taking a minute to focus on yourself and be single for a change? Does the thought of doing anything alone absolutely frighten you? These are some of the biggest signs that you are not emotionally ready for a serious relationship. In order to truly be there for someone else, you need to know how to be there for yourself first. No excuses. Going from relationship to relationship without taking a moment to breathe in between indicates that you are entering a relationship not to find true love, but just to fill the void of having someone conveniently around all the time. This also may indicate that you do not have enough friends of the same sex to talk to or occupy your time with. Take time to get to know and love yourself and trust me, when you're good and ready your next relationship will be the best yet!

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# You Are Not Happy With Your Own Life

If you are unhappy you cannot expect to make someone else happy. In fact, what you will probably do is just drag them down into your misery with you. No one likes that and it will probably cause your relationship to end. Waiting for a great guy to come along and expecting that he will be the one to bring you happiness is a mistake. What happens when you enter a relationship as an unhappy person is that you expect the guy to provide the happiness you are lacking for you. This is a lot to ask of someone. The result is that he will most likely not live up to your expectations and you will get on his nerves by being needy and miserable. So, if you are unhappy with your life, taking steps to find happiness on your own will ensure that when you are ready to find love, you find the right match for you.

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# You Try To Change Your Significant Other

Another one of the signs you're not ready for a relationship is that you are constantly trying to change your partner. Being in a healthy relationship is about you and your boyfriend or girlfriend accepting each other for who you both are. When you try to change someone, what you are saying is that they need to be better or different in some way in order for the relationship to work. After a while of this, any sane person will become emotionally detached and a breakup is inevitable.

# You Are Not Willing To Compromise

If everything has to be your way or the highway, then guess what - you are definitely not ready to be in a relationship. Everyone knows that relationships are all about compromise. So if you think you're going to enter any relationship expecting to call all the shots and get your way all the time, then you better be prepared to have a wet mop for a boyfriend that you end up eventually resenting.

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# You Look For Superficial Qualities In a Partner

Dating someone just because they have money, a car, a great body or gorgeous looks, without actually liking them for who they are inside, is a serious indicator that you are not ready for a relationship. Relationships based on superficial desires like these will always end in a breakup because you really have to care for someone in order to tolerate being around them day in and day out. It may seem great at first, but soon the bickering and fights will begin because your relationship was never based on something real.

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