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7 Ways To Make People Think Of You All The Time

By: Pinki Sat, 23 Jan 2021 4:39 PM

7 Ways To Make People Think of You All The Time

It is possible to make someone think about you all the time especially if you have a crush on them. Conditioning someone’s mind to think about you is a powerful act. It entails a few mind tricks that you have to master. If someone keeps on thinking about you constantly, he or she will eventually fall in love with you. However, it is unethical to force someone to think of you let alone to like you. Nevertheless, it is possible to make someone like you and start thinking of you all the time by using these psychological tricks.

# Share Your Personal Information

People who have a close connection with one another share personal information. This is one way of building trust. When you share your personal information with someone, he or she will start thinking that you two are close to each other. A person’s subconscious mind will automatically see you in a different light. Most people keep to themselves. Therefore, it is a personal choice to share your personal information. The person will start to think of you more and more each day. Do not share all your personal information though. Choose what is most important to you. You can let the person know that he or she is the only one who knows what is going on in your life at that time. Make them feel appreciated and value their opinion on your personal matters. This will make the person in question think of you more often.

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# Frequently Call or Text the Person In Question

Make a habit of calling the person in question even if it is just to say hello. Texting the person will keep his or her mind glued to you. Do not send the person some explicit pictures of you; this will show how desperate you are. You want this person to think of you and eventually fall in love with you. Make it look more natural. Being suggestive and showing your ulterior motives might scare away the person in question or it can be a complete turn-off. You can call the person while at work, be friendly, compliment them if you must and offer to take the person for a dinner or coffee. This will give the person something to think about you.

# A Smile Will Make People Think Of you

Smiling when you meet people gives them a good first impression of you. A smile can make a stranger feel comfortable with you. When you smile at someone you like, he or she will reciprocate his or her feelings towards you. A smile can take you far and this will definitely make people think of you.

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# Dress in A Fashionable Way

Appearing fashionable among people can make someone think of you. Ensure that you are wearing something that compliments your body as well as your eyes. If you are a woman, avoid wearing explicit dresses since this can turn off people. Fashionable attires attract people’s eyes and they can think of you even for months. Make sure your hair is presentable and you have matching shoes as well. Ensure you choose the right color, preferably a red fashionable garb if you are a woman.

# Have Confidence

A confident person can rely on his or her wits to handle any challenging situation. When you portray confidence in the manner in which you speak, how you look at someone in the eyes when you speak and how you answer your questions, everyone will think of you and will want to be associated with you. Confidence makes people notice you. Confidence in a person attracts people even from across the room. When you are confident, you do not have a reason to be nervous when you are around people. Therefore, people will not have a reason to be nervous too.

people thinking of you,relationship,relationship tips

# Mirror a Person’s Behavior

If you want someone to think of you, you have to occupy a little bit of his or her thoughts. Mirroring his or her behavior will make the person think of you. Try copying the way the person talks, their body language and gestures. The minute you master his or her behavior, the person in question will like you. It will make someone see as if you are on the same page. He or she will think of you and will want to get to know you more. Another way you can mirror someone’s’ behavior is by matching their walking pace. You can invite the person in question for a run. If the person agrees, you can try matching your walking pace with the person. This will make the person feel like your mind is in harmony with his or hers. This person will constantly think of you.

# Be Empathetic

Being empathetic with the person in question will let you be in his or her shoes. You will be able to read his or her next move. By anticipating his or her needs, this will make them like you and feel close to you. Moreover, people like a person who understands them. Whenever they have a problem, they will come running to you for solutions. Let yourself feel what the person in question is saying to you. Do not just nod your head; pay attention to what the person is saying. Try getting to a point where you can finish their sentences. You will be their favorite.

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